Net effects of weightlifting on female attraction

Frankly, it’s hard to believe how such a little change can dramatically improve women’s reaction to you.

I started lifting seriously in August when I went to Africa for a little break. I think I gained about 25 pounds(140-165). This isn’t anything special as my end goal is around 200-225.


Yet the moment I was thrown in the wild again, the effects were clearly visible. At the airport, a lot of girls ranging from blehh to cute were checking me out. This never happened before to such an extent.

At the same airport, a pretty half black/russian chick sits next to me and opens me. We were going the same destnation, she gave me her number upon landing(I didn’t ask for it). Considering I’m rusty as hell from 3 months of no active game, there can only be one reason for this.

At landing in Montreal, I had some problems with my papers. The immigration officers are usually bitchy cunts. Note that. I had one who was a lesbian or a gender activist(you know the type, with that short guy haircut). Now either she was genuinely an extremely nice person or she had ulterior motives. She really helped me out, and when she couldn’t do anything, passed me on to the competent people and put in a good word for me since the problem with my papers was on their end. The next person in  the chain of command was another female.

Now like I say, it must either have been a particularly cheerful day because these immigration officers were very nice, cracking jokes and actually recognizing that their guys had messed up on my visa applications. It might be hard to understand this if you yourself are from the West and generally don’t have to get visas, but these people are usually the most obnoxious and annoying cunts(both male and female) you ever deal with.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t help me out but she sent me up the chain of command and put in a good word too. I was supposed to pay 275$ for a study permit but because they had messed up, he waived the fees. I am pretty sure the good word the other employees put in contributed to that.

Am I saying those immigration officers wanted to fuck my brains out? Possibly, but that’s not the point. Better looking people not only attract more potential partners but get treated better. Both by males and females. A way to be better looking is to get in shape.

But continuing on. Today, I’m in the metro. Some girls are checking me out stealthily. One of them took it to a whole other level. I’m sitting there, on my way back from the gym and she’s seated on the same bench with like a foot between us. She keeps looking at me, adjusting her hair, smiling, looking at me, adjusting her hair, smiling. This goes on for about 30 seconds before she realizes I’m NOT receptive.

And this is me, a baby lifter at 165. Imagine when I’m ripped at 6’2 210 pounds!

All this to illustrate that yes, looks definitely affect girls’ initial attraction for you, more than you’d like to believe in fact. In some cases, you can coast on just that and bang.

Work on both  your passive game and your active game and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with women.




2 thoughts on “Net effects of weightlifting on female attraction

  1. Biggest Pimp says:

    True, playa!

    I’ma quote Elliott Hulse:

    “The principles of strenght-training taught me how to succeed in everything else. The character that I built through strength-training is what allowed me to succeed in every other thing that I do.
    As you grow stronger with the barbell, as you physically grow stronger, you’re developing a character associated with strength that you can carry with you in multiple areas of your life AND you begin to understand the same principles of succeeding in the gym are the SAME principles that will help you succeed in life.
    The #1 tool for success, in my opinion, is courage. One of the things with a lot of these kids that are not growing stronger in the gym, they don’t have a coach or something, is that they are TOO SCARED, TOO TIMID, TOO AFRAID to attack the training with any type of ferocity and that holding back in the gym is the exact holding back from getting the girlfriend they want, getting the career that they want, etc.”

    Taking risks is necessary if we want to take our lives from good to great.

    • redpillmtl says:

      This. Pushing yourself, always challenging yourself to do MORE, to do BETTER in the gym permeates and trickles down to other aspects of your life.

      Not so much courage in the typical sense of bravery, but courage in the never afraid to challenge your limitations and push yourself to the maximum sense

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