Why Nightclubs suck

Nightclubs are one of the most insidious places to meet women. Most of the girls are out not to find someone, but to get their egos caressed and stroked. They are there for the validation of getting hit on by a ton of desperate and horny guys and receiving free shit in the form of drinks and drugs.

The only people who get laid in a consistent manner at nightclubs are the people working there, officially or unofficially. The manager, the DJs, the bouncer, the promoter, the dealers, the bartenders, these are the guys with social status. These are the guys the women who are willing to fornicate are going to go for. Not you. Sorry, your game might be immaculate, but that is just not why they’re there.

The real reason nightclubs actually suck is because of the conflict of interests. Most guys assume that girls are there for the same reasons as them, i.e, to pair up and find a partner. That is the goal of a small subset of the girls going there. The rest are going to get their egos stroked and are “open to the possibility of meeting someone”, someone being a cross between 50 Cent, Bill Gates and Ryan Gosling.

Unless you have some sort of status at the clubs you attend, you are wasting your time. You might get lucky once or twice, but it is in no way consistent. We are talking about closing the deal here, not kissing/getting a number/grinding or whatever other bullshit measure of success you guys use. Most girls in clubs are time wasters and won’t put out unless your social proof is off the charts.

Even worse is places where cover for girls is cheaper or non existent.

Never, never, NEVER go to a nightclub and never pay a cover (ie, never go to a place where they want to charge men for access to women….because that access is a deception).

Stick to dive bars and pubs where women are out for the purpose of socializing with men and are looking to get fucked.


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