Harnesing your sex drive

Western society has all but succeeded in shaming men for their natural sex drive.

With ideas like rape culture being spread around and blatantly false statistics on rape being proclaimed as the truth, you would think men are animals that fuck anything that moves.

In fact, you probably think that. This is what you have been socially conditioned to believe. You have been conditioned to believe that the male sex drive is destructive. It is animalistic, primitive, uncontrollable, violent, and worst of all, dangerous.

Well, forget about that bullshit. Your sex drive is ultimately at the core of most of the things you do. There is a reason why “herbs” and “hikkikomoris” and “NEETS” contribute nothing to society. They have no sex drive, and if they do, it is wasted on blow up dolls, hentai or porn.

Biologically, we are programmed to spread our genes. This is the driving behaviour behind much of our actions, consciously or subconsciously.

Tricking your sex drive to believe it is satisfied through the use of porn or masturbation will have the net effect of turning you into a lazier person than you could be. Instead of picking the easy way out, you should restrain yourself, let your sexual energy build and use it to fuel your endeavors, whether it is in the gym, in your interactions with women or with business partners.

A noticeable trait of harnessing your sex drive is that you become more aggressive. Here is another word that has been mutilated and turned into a demeaning term by the femiminzed society we live in. There is nothing wrong with aggressivity. It is the go getter attitude. You go for what you want and keep pushing for it, until you get it. Not settling for 2nd place is being aggressive. Not taking a no is aggressive. Being a winner is aggressive. Making the decisions that control your life is aggressive. Not being afraid of taking risks is aggressive.

I have been making all sorts of gains in my life, physically, mentally, materially and socially ever since I started harnessing my sex drive and making zero excuses for basically being and feeling like a man.

Harness your sex drive and stop wasting it. You will realize how much more you can accomplish and how much faster.


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