Life is not “Fair”

Something I see all the time in the manosphere and in various internet fora is the idea of fairness. I cannot comprehend it.

Unless you have been living under a rock since you were born, you will know that life is not fair. From the get go, the odds are skewed in your favor or against you. You did nothing to deserve where you were born, or what family you were born in. You did nothing to deserve your genetics, looks, intelligence or lack there of. You did nothing to deserve your skin colour or your parents, good or bad. Yet there they are.

From the biological standpoint, fairness is chucked right out of the park from the get-go.

Life is terribly unfair. In the natural world or in the human world, fairness is very much a romantic and sentimental appeal.

The reality of life is you are dealt a certain hand, and how you play it determines your life.

Others might be dealt better cards. Others might be dealt worse cards. Truly, none of that matters. How you play your cards matters more than what cards you have.

Life is not fair. In fact, life is horribly unfair. Instead of saying it like a defeatist piece of shit, say it with anger in your heart and strive to overcome the inequalities. Stop being a fatalist. Accept life’s unfairness, embrace it like a dear friend, and adapt to it.

Reality will always be there, complaining that life is not fair when that’s the normal state of things is like complaining that gravity doesn’t go the other way and allow us to float.


Asshole Game not Required

Asshole game seems to be most effective in Western society. So far in Africa, this type of game has been more miss than hit.

I am guessing that since there is no government sugar daddy to redistribute wealth from men to women, provider betas are more appreciated and philandering cads such as yours truly, while still appreciated have much less value. The reality of survival takes precedence over tingles it seems.

It’s no matter though, being a provider with game is a huge payout here. You can pull quality women with much less effort than in the West, and they are usually more feminine and actually behave like more traditional women.

Men are expected to be more chivalrous here as women are expected to be more feminine. It is honestly a fair tradeoff. It is quite endearing to see men go out of their way to help women, and women actually be grateful that men are helping them.

Frankly, I could get used to the lack of nagging bitches and feminists up in here. Not to mention that black african women are a whole other level of stunning compared to their american sistas. Let us not even talk about the differences in attitudes.

People do not want you to succeed

The human mind is truly a contradictory thing. Most people claim to have good intentions and wish the best for people, but rarely is it so.

To observe this, merely undertake any serious undertaking to improve yourself or acquire a real skill. Any such undertaking requires serious commitment, dedication and discipline, something that is unfathomable to the majority of lazy, narcissistic entitled brats out there.

Initially, such an undertaking will be met with praise and cheers. Make no mistake, most of these people don’t expect you to stick to it. They are actually sniggering behind your back and betting how long till you give up.

As you stick to your path of self improvement or skill acquiring, you will notice a change in the attitude of your peers. The encouragement is all but gone. You will notice subtle jabs at your new hobby, accusations of you not being “yourself”, accusations of you spending less time with your friends, accusations of you being obsessed.

If you are weak-willed, you will think something is wrong with you, when in fact the opposite is true. The issue here is that you are directly challenging their reality. In their minds, living healthy and getting fit is hard, learning piano is hard, getting better with girls is hard. In order to preserve their fragile egos, you will hear all the usual BS:”You should be happy just as you are. You don’t need to change.”

You accomplishing or being on the way to accomplish something they have tried and failed at, or worse, haven’t even had the courage to try, is a direct attack on their lifestyle. How they cope with it is a testament to their character. Do they take this opportunity to critically self-examine and make the changes they have always wanted, knowing someone in their close personal circle has done it, or do they protect their fragile egos and hide behind a veneer of snark, and being perfectly secure in their achievements(mostly, the lack of) and attack you as being try hard?

The path of self improvement will help you identify the rotten apples in your circle. They are the ones who not content to hate, will actually try to sabotage your attempts. Losing weight? Let me bring home your favorite junk food. Trying to workout every other day? Let’s binge drink, get high, smoke and sniff. When you refuse, they will guilt trip you, saying that your hobby is more important than your friends. These are the people who do not want you to succeed.

You failing reinforces their worldview, preserves their ego and keeps your value relatively close to theirs. Unfortunately, most people are like this to some extent. Even family and loved ones can sometimes be guilty of this.

The root is their own insecurity. Deep down, everyone knows that they can improve in certain areas, learn something they’ve always wanted to know and accomplish objectives they have always dreamed of. Yet, the fear of failure and the effort required rebukes a whole lot of people. When they see someone overcoming that fear and putting in the effort, they cannot help but feel self-conscious and to assuage their amygdala, they have to do or say something that demeans what you are doing.

Therefore, realize no one cares whether you succeed or not. Ultimately, your success only truly matters to YOU. When you realize that you should be doing things for your own approval, your mindset completely changes. How many of us truly do things for US rather than to conform to the image society has of us and to seek approval of others? No external motivation will be strong enough to be a catalyst for true change. Have the iron will, the determination and the ambition to strive above the herd. Do things for your own pleasure and gratification, not for other’s approval. Ultimately, most of the people’s approval you seek do not care or worse, they want you to fail. Disregard them and focus on what you want for yourself.

That is true independence.

Breaking Beta : Being a beta can destroy you

It’s funny how my view of breaking bad completely changed as I ingested the red pill. I went from believing Walt had successfully transitioned to alphadom, to the realization that it was his inner beta that caused all his problems.

I still cannot understand how some people today look at him as some sort of inspiration or role model of successfully breaking away from the mold, or indeed how I looked at him that way myself a while back.

Walt is a true blue beta. He is also a self destructive narcissistic piece of shit who cannot take responsibility for his actions and conveniently hides behind his “I’m doing it for my family” veneer. He brings ruin and destruction to everything associated with him. He lacks any sort of moral compass, and will rationalize any action, no matter how repressible. Even worse, his reluctance to take things to the end. His noticeable squeamishness when it comes to killing people and his show of emotion really pisses me off. At moments he is a hard man, at others he is a crying school girl. This bipolarity makes me think the man is mentally unbalanced and suffering from schizophrenia

The thing which really turns me off any sympathy for Walt is a complete lack of principles and judgement. When you have no principles, you are not a man. It’s funny because I watched The Wire at the same time as I watched Breaking Bad, and the contrast between the characters is interesting. Yes, they’re criminals, but how they deal with that and how they deal with other aspects of their lives is so different. They have principles and certain values, certain codes, even if they are twisted, something Walt totally lacks. Walt doesn’t understand that there are repercussions to his actions. Repercussions that greatly affect everyone around him, mostly in a negative light.

I could go on and on about how Walt is a psychotic time bomb and no role model, but I am here to point out how his inner beta ruined him.

His first mistake was marrying Skyler. She is hated for good reason. Every interaction between her and Marie makes me want to gut them. It is simply the dumbest shit ever. The sheer annoyance factor has raised my blood pressure to dangerous levels, but I digress. Marriage is “for better or for worse”. Unless you have found a woman who will be with you through thick and thin and will trust your actions are for the benefit of the family, don’t fucking get married.

Skyler has not done a single positive thing for him. She has repeatedly shown she can’t be trusted. The moment a bitch fucks another guy and gives him half a million of YOUR money, is the moment you drop her in all swiftness. Yet what does the beta do? He does what society tells him he should, he “mans up” for his wife’s unacceptable behaviour, and gives her increasing responsibilities in his business. What the fuck?

Also, the true judge of alphadom, is the women who want you. Walt is largely asexual in most of the show. His paltry attempts with the principal make you cringe. His wife doesn’t want him. He doesn’t get ANY tail. No one admires, respects or desires him, except a possibly gay hero worshipper. No women, no alpha.

Walter White is a piece of shit.