Church Game

The House of the Lord is home to some of the most desirable LTR specimen.

Now, this might not be the most ethical point of view, but the Church can be a prime pick up spot. I am not a morality keeper however. Whether you pick up in church or not is up to you.

Ideally, you want a church where a lot of young people are in attendance. No point in going to a church surrounded by spinsters. Like in all types of game, venue selection is KEY.

Churches provide a few key advantages that a red pill aware man can easy exploit.

1. Plenty of hot, young, non-slutty, more traditionally oriented women:
 Sure, there are some bar going skanks in the  church going population but the overlap is small. You can expect to find more mentally healthy, more traditional women and (thankfully) a dearth of feminists. They will also be more willing to embrace your red pill ideology. The Bible is fairly red pill

2. Easy to approach:  Church is the easiest place to approach. “God bless you” and a shake of hands is an awesome opener. If you want to wax more poetic, you could claim to have received a vision from up above. Girls will be all too willing to lap it up and believe they are that special one.

3. Less competition:I noticed there are a few guys at church who interact with other girls. Merely being social, well dressed and well spoken will give you a huge leg up. Interactions are way easier than in the ADD club environments or context less day game venues. Creeping under the radar is easy.

4. Connecting is easy: There is nothing easier than connecting to church girls. You can start off by talking theology and beliefs, than take her on an emotional rollercoaster with a story about how God saved you. I suffered from drug addiction(coke, cigarettes and alcohol), and while God had nothing to do with me stopping(I thank the gym for that), it makes for a great story. She will feel like she has known you for a while. If there is some edginess to the story, her bad boy triggers will go off and she will be more attracted. This works on all sorts of girls, but it works best on church girls, probably because it reinforces their own beliefs. Throw in some bible quotes to DHV and demonstrate credibility.

5. Easy Isolation It is easy to isolate church girls or setup dates. Once you’ve built enough rapport, set up a prayer meet. You will conveniently have a topic for prayer and will feel that God has sent her to help you pray.

Now, the issue is closing the deal.

The true blue christian girls will give you A LOT of LMR. Oftimes, you won’t be able to get the bang. I suspect some of these are virgins holding out for marriage. But these girls are extremely rare. If I was trying to get married, those are the ones I would be gunning for.

Then, there are the “christian” girls who are still somehow indoctrinated by the mainstream society. The girl who never goes to church while she’s in college but never misses a church day when she’s back home with the family. Some of them are genuinely christians but aren’t strong enough to not be influenced by the herd to some extent, while others go to church merely for appearances and social convenience.

This last category is the most common from what I’ve seen, and will be the one you will get most of your results from.

Never forget game principles. They are still girls.

The church girls are ripe for the picking. Whether you pluck the juicy fruit or not is up to you.


The most important quality for a man

There is one quality that is indispensable for a man to truly realize his own potential. It is the one quality that ensures that he stays focused on his goal, doesn’t give up and keeps on trucking despite the hardships that life throws at him.

That quality is discipline.

Discipline, is ultimately control over oneself, one’s mind, one’s morals, one’s actions, and the events that shape one’s life.

People who go on in life to do great things do so with discipline. No empire was built in a day. No skill was obtained in an hour. Nothing valuable was arrived at quickly.

Today, people lack discipline. This is why they always seek the “quick fix”. What they don’t realize is that life doesn’t work like that. If something is too easy, it is worthless. Everyone wants to lose weight by going on some dietary fad. Everyone wants the quick results. They look at those they idolize and wish to emulate, and instead of following the path those people took, they try to find a shortcut. 99 out of a hundred times, that shortcut is a scam, or comes with some drawbacks.

Instead of working out religiously, eating and sleeping properly, people take steroids. Then, they are surprised when shit happens out of the woodwork.

Instead of practicing game religiously, people try it out half-heartedly and at the first rejection, they curse at game, claim it doesn’t work and become bitter.

Instead of eating less, reducing their junk food intake, people try diet fads, realize they’re not losing much weight and sue the companies for false advertisement. Even if they do lose weight, they regain it just as quick because they failed to understand what caused them to be in the state where they needed to lose weight in the first place.

All these scenarii end in a train wreck because those involved lacked discipline.

All great endeavors require work, time and patience. You will not become a millionaire overnight. If you do, you will end up losing all your money like those lottery winners. Not everyone is rich because it’s HARD. Not everyone is jacked because it’s HARD. Not everyone can be a master PUA because it’s HARD. The difference between people who go on to achieve great things is discipline. They control their emotions, control their world, and control themselves, instead of being controlled.

You get rejected harshly by a hot girl you tried to neg and you immediately dismiss it because of your emotional outburst to being rejected.

You don’t see results after a week of working out and stop because “it’s not working”, another reaction based on something fleeting.

You do things half-heartedly because you’re afraid that your best will not stand up to scrutiny, and this way gives you an escape valve in the “I wasn’t really trying”.

You lack discipline. Plain and simple.

You undertake something, you see it through the end. You don’t give up halfway because it’s hard, or making you feel bad, or scary. What the hell are you, a little girl? A man must have discipline, rigid and stoic, to ensure that he sees his endeavors to their end, good or bad.

Some of those endeavors will take a lot of time. Some of them will tax you physically and mentally. Some of them will ostracize you from your peers. It is not easy to be great. Discipline, in a world of facility is quickly becoming a rare virtue. Will you follow the sheep and stay mired in the bogs of mediocrity, or will you be the outsider, the lone wolf that everyone secretly admires, envies and hates at the same time, the lone wolf everyone wishes to emulate but cannot because of their own deep-seated insecurity and lack of discipline?

The choice is yours my friends, but I tell you this. A man without discipline is no man. It is merely the shell of one, a pale, ghastly malformed imitation of the great men who spearheaded the legacies that survive to this day. Pick your side of the fence.

Reality Shifts

Until I read and started studying game, I never realized how many limitations I had which were self imposed. I did not believe the material could work. Could not even believe it. I studied it, yet still didn’t believe it was going to work.

The first time I applied the MM in a bar club, I got my first make out in a bar with a hot british girl(solid 8). My roommates went crazy. Understand that I was typically the nerdy guy before reading game. They had never seen me flirt or interact positively with a female. I used to hate going out partying because I thought I couldn’t do anything. Yet here I was, 30 minutes in the bar, and one of the hottest girls in the venue eating from my hands.

That was a reality shift. My reality shifted from bar makeouts are impossible, to bar makeouts are very feasible.

Then came the reality shift of same night lays, then same night lays within 30 minutes of meeting a girl, then day pickup, then same day lays.

After that came making out with a girl within 20 seconds of meeting her, making out with a fairly high amount of girls in a night, banging more than one girl in a day, then in a night, having a feminine girlfriend who accepts that I will dominate her, cheating on a girlfriend, denying girls sex, and further on spinning plates.

All these things changed my reality of what was possible. I read an article on about a guy who banged 96 women in 2 or 3 months. My initial impression was “hmm, sounds impossible”. But I checked myself. I would have had the same response to all I’ve accomplished since learning game a year back. Hell, I’ve seen that response with my friends, and only till they saw it did they believe it.

Unfortunately, some people don’t let the reality shift happen. They can see something, but will rationalize why it happened and consider it as an act of chance, a random occurrence. They will not see the effort put. The idea that anything can be achieved with enough effort is too foreign to them. They will see the facts, but they will twist reality to conform to the ideas they have held on to for so long.

As with my friends, instead of recognizing that the game I was studying was paying its dividends, they would say “ahh but you’re tall/handsome/black/look flashy/got lucky/found the right girl/bribed her with coke”. And I would ask them, “ahh, where was all that last year when I wasn’t getting no action”. Thunderous silence.

Ultimately, I think this is the best aspect of Game. Once you subscribe to it, your reality is firmly rooted in the cold. And the truth is you can do anything once you set your mind to it. It will not be easy, but effort and relentless hard work ultimately pay off. Sure, I have some embarrassing memories and failures, but none of them can dampen the bright ones, the vaginas entered, the moist lips kissed, the high from a smooth seduction. Game transits from something you use to improve your dating/sex life to something sublime, something that transforms every single aspect of your life.

Game is a true reality changer. My reality has shifted from someone who saw failures as the end of the world, to someone who sees them as business as usual. My reality has shifted from someone who saw women as magical beings, to someone who sees them for what they really are, just women. My reality has shifted from someone who saw others get laid and thought they were lucky, to someone who sees others get laid, looks at what they’re doing right, works hard and gets laid too. My reality has shifted from someone who self imposed limits without even realizing it, to someone who has potentially no limits.

Game and all its corollary subjects should be pivotal in the education of young men. I can safely say my life would have been much worse off without it. I cringe when I see my beta friends struggle over what seems like a non-issue to me now. One-itis? Hit the club, move fast, close. Your one-itis is gone, just like that.

Why American/Western Women can’t compete

There are many differences between western women and ones from less americanized countries. Any guy who has been around a decent amount of women will tell you that. There is one factor though that is responsible for all these differences. That is entitlement.

The idea that you should put in work for something seems foreign in western countries where people seem to be expecting things to just happen to them magically, particularly when it involves romance. Therefore, you see a lot of girls with a take it or leave it attitude. You take me at my worst, or forget about me. No surprise then that many men are picking the reasonable option and forgetting about them.

In other parts of the world, attracting a man is a skill. Seduction is the woman’s art. You would be surprised at the efforts  women put into keeping their men. In Russia, women take classes to master vaginal movements to enhance their mens’ sexual pleasure(no joke). They all dress to the nines. In Mexico, they take extensive care of themselves, everyone tries their best to look beautiful.

Contrast that with America, the place where fat-shaming is a thing. The place where personal responsibility and consequences for one’s actions are all relics of the past.

The mentality of “I deserve this” is the reason they can’t compete. The others are on a ‘I need to work for this’ basis, there is no confusion which one wins  out in the end.

While the western women continue to fatten up, dress sloppily(flip flops in a club…..), steal from the men who support them, refuse to assume their womanly instincts and act in ways that makes one want to choke them, the men are opting out. And who can blame them when there are women who understand that they are women and are happy to behave, act and look like one? Certainly not me.

A fat nagging, bitchy wife who doesn’t do shit, can’t cook and constantly tries to test you or a slim, feminine wife who can take care of your house, whispers sweet nothings in your ear and is always ready to sex you up?

Is that really a choice?