Flipping the Script

There is nothing in this world that drives a girl as crazy as flipping the script back on her. Nothing. Masterful use of typical female tactics will have you swimming in more pussy than you can ever handle. Even in a relationship, tactics like holding back sex will drive her absolutely crazy. The key is to preempt her and basically steal her lines before she even has a chance of using them. Instead of you dealing with her shit tests, she now has to deal with yours. Of course, you have to be congruent. You will be slightly off if you approach strongly and directly and then start talking about your girlfriend.

With that said, there are few things quite as satisfying as using a girl’s own lines on her.

Things I have used to successfully nuke the hamster and position myself as the pursued instead of the pursuer and prevent any LMR or buyer’s remorse from happening:

“By the way, I have a girlfriend”

“Just so you know, we’re not having sex tonight”

“You seem too old/young for me”

“I’m not in the mood”

“I usually don’t date X girls”

“Girls these days are only interested in sex”, better said with a contemptuous tone

I was reading at the bar the other day and some chicks approached me. They were fans of Game of Thrones as well and wanted to talk about it…. supposedly. The “Hey you” they opened me with was pretty telling. ¬†After what I deem a sufficiently courteous amount of time of entertaining them and me trying to get back to my book, I told them that they were fun but they were too young for me and that there were ample other suitors in the bar for them. Sadly, I had not thought this through well enough. I should have known that that would only make them more interested. “Oh yeah? I bet I’m older, how old are you” and similar questions ensued. Resigned, I spent the night in their company till my friends arrived. One of them, a buxom blonde asked for my number at the end of the night when the bar closed. I told her “I have a girlfriend”, “It’s okay, I’m discreet” she replied. We met up the next day.

It is ironic that to pick up women, you need to think like one.


ATTN Black Guys

I don’t care how desperate you get, please stop giving us fellas a bad rep. I am sick and tired of fat white chicks ruining my game, taking airs, cockblocking, throwing themselves at me and all. These goddamn whales feel entitled to us, and it is your fault. You are only shooting yourself in the leg by dating these inflated balloons. No decent girl will want to date you after finding your “cute pics with my boo” you saved on your harddrive while you were dating an ogre.

Desists from giving attention to these bitches. Step your game up. You’ve got an edge over most others, use it to pull quality women, not landwhales.

Yes, sometimes you falter and give in to the lure of easy pussy. Fine. Just don’t fucking parade it. What happens in a fat chick stays in a fat chick. I get fucking disgusted at you fellas in public smooching and holding the hands of your girl like she’s a prize. Everyone is laughing at you. No they’re not jealous. They’re really not. Do yourself a favor.


Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

A lot of people say Gatsby was a beta. I disagree with that assessment.

Gatsby was a self-made man who resorted to almost anything to secure his place in life, including being involved in crime. By contrast, Tom was born with a silver spoon and barely had to work for anything, shit just got handed to him.

Gatsby also seemed like a natural. He picked up Daisy in one night, with nothing going for him in terms of fame, status or money, him being a mere soldier. He successfully gamed her. We don’t see Tom’s pickup, but it was probably a safety marriage for her.

Yes he had oneitis. But as demonstrated, his oneitis was not caused by lack of access to ¬†women. Indeed, he could have had all the ladies at his various parties. They would have thrown themselves at him in a heartbeat. In fact, he probably partook in some nut emptying activities(conjecture). A man going 5 years without some sort of release is hard to believe feasible, especially in such an environment. Gatsby had the game, the fame, and the access. Quite the opposite to the usual oneitis where the girl is one’s only prospect. Gatsby’s problem was wanting what he didn’t have. The one girl he did not and could not get to was the one that drove him crazy. And that is natural. There is a reason why those card games have those ultra rare cards. You open 20 packs and still can’t find em.

Even despite his oneitis, he successfully gamed Daisy, Tom’s wife and repeatedly ravished her. His one mistake was pressing her for commitment. With time, she would have left Tom on her own volition. It is well known that a man pressing for commitment kills the gina tingles. Especially when he puts her on the spot like that. Women and most people will generally take the path of least resistance. In this case, it was delaying the decision.

While he ended up dead, it was mostly due to Tom’s scheming nature. There was not much Gatsby could have done to avoid getting shot by an angry widower. Particularly sneaky given that Tom was banging that widower’s wife while she was alive. He used her death to get rid of his 2 potential sources of danger. I have to admit, Tom was a tried and true exhibition of the Dark Triad.

At the end of the day, it was quite an enjoyable movie. I was in a bit of disbelief when he got shot though. Do rich people not have gates, fences and security? Especially when you work for the fucking mob. How can some random guy walk in to a multi billionaire’s house and just shoot him up? It kinda stretches the limits of how credulous we are supposed to be.


Gatsby: B+ Alpha

Tom: A++++ Alpha

Movie Review : The Man Who Wasn’t There

I love the Coen brother’s movies, but this one just didn’t cut it for me.

The main character is beta through and through. His only remotely alpha move of the whole movie is blackmailing his boss. Which he undermines by giving away the money to some fag who seems like a con artist for all intents and purposes.

He also hasn’t fucked his wife(or visibly any female) for years. Note that.

Other than that, the story is fairly incoherent, especially when it comes to the legal and criminal proceedings. I don’t know exactly at what era the film is set but it seems to be between 1940s-1950s. They had fingerprints then. They could have easily found out that the wife was not guilty. In addition, it seems there is very little need of hard evidence to indict you in the movie’s world. The wife was arrested on circumstantial evidence only. No one actually saw her. The standard of “beyond reasonable doubt” which is used in criminal cases was definitely not applied.

Even more ludicrous was the charge against the main character. Oh, we found some papers you signed in a dead man’s car… You are OBVIOUSLY the killer. Boom, death penalty. This whole shebang really ruined my enjoyment of the movie.

The sexual tension between Ed and Rachel was a good touch. The beta in him clearly shows up when dealing with her, going as far as trying to ensure her future by getting her some super expensive music classes. Good thing the teacher spotted she had no raw talent or Ed would have been homeless. As with any beta, the mere act of a girl making a pass at him almost made him kill himself. Pathetic

Oh yeah, his wife was about to cuckold him despite them not having had sex for years.

Ed: A++++ Beta