I was responding to an article a few minutes ago and I had to type out this word. Immediately, a red line appears under it. I haven’t slept in a few days so I thought I had misspelled it. I right click the word to view the correct spelling with the spell check and lo and behold, there is nothing. No correction. The word does not exist.

Like in 1984, those who shape the language also shape the way people think, and the extent to which they can think. The mere omission of this word from Chrome is pretty telling. In their world, that word is nonexistent. Misogyny though is a proper word.  The implications are scary

Maybe I am just paranoid from lack of sleep.


You do not deserve to call yourself a man if you don’t exercise.

The title is self explanatory.

I was a bit confused when I first came to Canada. I was seeing these lazy people who spend their whole fucking time inside or attached to a computer, not doing shit or browsing stupid shit like 9gag. There was this one girl in residence who I only saw 7 months into the school year. 7 months of living in the same building, going to the same dining hall and I had never seen her before, not once. Which was a blessing in disguise considering she pretty much looked like the left version of the picture below. Which is sad because she could look like the right version with some effort. Similarly, this picture is a pretty good of the type of  bodies the girls you pull will have when you workout and when you don’t. I’ll let you figure which is which


She only got away with it because the West allows people to live such sedentary lives. As a game student, you understand the inherent advantage of bettering yourself, both for you and for your game. There is no such thing as stasis in real life. You are either improving or degrading at every single moment of your life. I take every action with that in mind. I see a cute girl and I get AA? My mind kicks into overdrive and tells me that my game can either improve or worsen depending on the choice I make towards approaching her. The choice is obvious and I snap out of my lethargy. Getting rejected is better than not approaching. Fuck your current ego, your future game and unshakeable ego will thank you for the humiliation you put yourself through to toughen them up.

In the same vein, a man who does not do some sort of physical activity is inexorably causing his body to decay faster than it normally would. Things generally tend towards a state of entropy if you do not take an active role. Your body worsens if you don’t take the effort to improve it. It is not about maintaining. Stasis is an illusion. You either improve or worsen by the minute.

I am not saying everyone who doesn’t go to the gym is a loser. There are ways of exercising and improving your body outside the gym. I’m too broke for a gym membership, but I do workout every day. Pushups, pull ups, lifting suitcases, crunches, skipping rope, biking and swimming occasionally, shadow boxing, etc. There are many creative ways to exercise your body, and a lot of them are free. Think Rocky. If you work in a very physical domain(construction, woodworking, etc) you are constantly working out so no need to go out of your way, but still you got nothing to lose so why the fuck not. It is no surprise most of the construction workers I meet are typically more masculine than the beta shits I see elsewhere and are not willing to let you get away with shit you would have gotten away with lesser men

Anyone who has ever done an intense workout knows that afterglow you get right after it. You are in the zone, you are unshakeable, you are on point. You have that zen like aura that you only get from working out intensely and banging hot girls. Your testosterone levels rise, you feel like a man, you become more dominant and more confident. I got back from work today, pissed off cause my boss has been nagging me a lot lately, busting my ass over tiny little things and cutting my hours. There was a staff party we had a whiiile ago were I won 100$ from him after he wagered that I could not kiss this one girl in less than 20 minutes and I also amog’d him later that night(not like he was going anywhere) and got the flag. Anyways, I was pissed when I got back home, but I channeled that energy into my workout. It was pretty intense. Right now, I’m much more relaxed, focused, clear headed and inching closer to doing what I know I should do: quit the fucking job, find one I enjoy and that pays more.

I used to be what you’d typically call a nerd or geek in my highschool. Me and my buddies were big into video games. But we also loved soccer. We would play soccer every day at school for close to an hour. My gaming was pretty off the charts, but I never fell into a sedentary lifestyle, mainly because of the Christian doctrines embedded in school(healthy mind, healthy body) and my Dad who wouldn’t let me become a PC slave. I cringe whenever I hear schools are shortening play time, or removing free periods, or cancelling P.E. classes. You have to think about what sort of children you want to be breeding. The guys who can actually do shit when invaders come and try to take your women or the guys who will be filming the invasion from their iPhone 7s but are too big to actually do anything about it? If you are not physically fit or attempting to be, you do not deserve to be called a man. END OF THE STORY

I can already hear the excuses already. “I don’t wanna be like those dumb guys who only got their muscles going for them”, “I feel good in my skin”, “I’m not fat”, “You only say that cause you have skinny genes”,”The gym is intimidating, I don’t want to look bad”, “I’m too broke for the gym”, “I don’t have enough time” and countless others. I don’t care about your excuse. I will ask you only one question. Are you improving yourself or worsening by not exercising? Rhetorical. Good luck

Cigarette Game

The cigarette is a very useful prop for an aspiring pick up artist. Note that I do not promote smoking or say you should, just that if you are already a smoker, there are a bunch of ways to utilize that fact to your advantage.

First, you get access to one of the most convenient openers ever in the form of asking for a light.

Secondly, girls who smoke are typically more fun, more slutty and less bulky. I imagine the fact that you are smoking something that will kill you without worrying about it is a testament to your mindset. Also, studies have shown that smoking causes a loss of weight. If you’re a fat whale who can’t prevent herself from eating, start smoking. The loss of appetite and the skinny inducing chemicals will cause you to drop the pounds like water, especially if you work out as well. If you really wanna turn it up, add some blow to that mix and watch the weight loss go in overdrive. Shit, I should sell this weight loss formula. I’ll call it the C&C diet. But I digress

Third, you put yourself in a prime position to be opened by chicks who are down. There are many strategic advantages to this. I open a lot in front of the clubs while I’m smoking by pretending I’m the  bouncer and bust some of the chicks’ balls. I got the bouncers on lockdown so they let me get away with it and get a good laugh out of it. Girls love this  and when I see them later inside, they’re always beaming and happy to see me. Just 5 seconds of busting her balls about her ID dramatically improves my opening rate success. And when I say dramatic, I mean like a 300% increase.

Besides that, you will also get opened by girls who are interested in you but can’t open normally because it’s not socially acceptable. Somehow it’s socially acceptable to ask a smoke and a light from a random person you’ve never met. There’s a big thing in the PUA community about never giving anything to a girl you don’t know. While I agree most of the time, this is my one exception. If the girl is lacking in attractiveness, I just tell her no. If she isn’t, I’ll neg her by poking fun of the fact that she’s asking me for a smoke. “Is this your pickup plan for tonight?” or “Sigh, that’s the problem with girls these days, they’re too demanding” or something similar. I then take out my pack slowly with the look of someone who is a bit annoyed he has to look after his lil brother or something. Keep the same demeanor and repeat when she asks you for a light, then lighten it up with a big smile and ask her name. Some girls can’t take it, and these ones might get angry, but the tingle is undeniable. With a bit of damage control, these are the easiest girls you will bang from a smoke.

I came close to adding a notch yesterday through doing this exactly. These two chicks open me, ask for a smoke, neg and poke fun at them, one of them was quite witty and replied in kind. We kept on chatting and smoking, got under an umbrella for some reason. I number closed my target, her friend left. We talked a bit more, I kiss closed her. She was literally swooning. Well I just left her off there, telling her we’d schedule something later. The setting was perfect for the kind of bullshit romance chicks dig. Rainy night, meet a mysterious stranger outside the bar, kiss him, go home together under the same umbrella, make sweet love, fall in love. But I did not fulfill her fantasy, and I’m a bit pissed about it. I’m not even fucking sure how I did not see the obvious signals. Her friend leaving us and going home alone, the fact that she dropped that she doesn’t live far from the club, etc. She probably hates me and probably won’t answer my texts.

Anyways, smokes are a good prop and there’s a whole science to cigarette game. Use it well if you smoke


What you don’t understand about Game

There are a lot of game denialists out there. Understandable. Most of them have been sold a lie by PUAs and gurus trying to sell books and move products.. Showy products with headlines such as “You want to know the secret to sleep with ANY girl you want?” or “The one stop formula to make any girl fall head over heels with you!”. Any rational and slightly critical person will raise eyebrows at this. But not the game denialists. They lap it up, apply the concepts and principles to a T, realize they are not getting anywhere, then say game is bullshit.

Game is not a magic formula. It is an enhancer. Just like money, looks and prestige. Having money will not get you laid. Having looks will not get you laid. Learning game will not get you laid. What it will do however is dramatically increase your likelihood of getting laid, just like all the enhancers.

Game is not going to make you pickup any girl you want. It certainly won’t help you get back that special girl. What it will do, is show you where you went wrong, and what you can do about it next time. Not every girl is gonna like you. Deal with it. Game teaches you how to seal the deal with the ones who are interested. To find these, you have to approach. Hundreds and thousands. Behind every success is a long trail of bitter and cold rejections and failures. Accept that. Embrace that. Every time you fail, you are getting stronger. Keep trucking. Eventually, failing will be something you look forward to because it teaches you more about your game than success. Approach Game with an inquisitive mind. Be curious about the how and why’s. Get out of your comfort zone. Say things you are not sure how well they’ll be received. Expand your boundaries.

The biggest problem people learning about Game have is they expect instantaneous results. They memorize routines, openers, DHVs instead of understanding the underlying principles that trigger and enhance attraction. Their approach to learning is inherently flawed. They ask the wrong question. They focus on the how, instead of the why. Merely applying routines memorized from somewhere is a far cry from understanding why the routines work and when and where to apply them.

There are two main categories of game denialists. The first are the ones who tried learning and gave up and now think it’s bullshit because it didn’t give them the instant results they expected. The second are the guys who don’t even give it a try because they feel it has to be “natural”. Never mind that natural has never worked for them, or if it did, only sparingly. The second are too blue pill, they are forever doomed. These are the guys who will try to make fun of you for learning game. They will disparage you because they don’t want you to get ahead. Deep down, subconsciously, buried under the layers of feminist influence, the rational male within them knows that a man who learns and practices a skill religiously will get good at it. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. The outcome is guaranteed.

Even when you do get good, they will not attribute your newfound success to your diligent practice or study. They will tell you “Oh, it’s because you’re tall”, “The chicks here like black guys”, “you got lucky”. Their hamsters are almost on par with a woman’s. Never mind that you were tall for a long ass time and didn’t get laid, never mind it’s the same damn club you guys have been going to, never mind you seem to “get lucky” consistently. Fuck those guys.

The guys who got burned learning Game failed because they didn’t realize it was a long process. Like with anything that will produce results, it will not happen overnight. The road is tough, and will cost you a lot in terms of time, money and dedication. If you are learning game and believe you will have “gotten it” in a month, you are on the short bus to disappointment.

Funnily enough, the “naturals”, guys who are inherently good at picking up will not discourage you in your endeavor. They know that they themselves had to learn at some point in their lives. They might tell you that some aspects of Game are shady, but they won’t tell you that you are wasting your time and that it can’t be learned. They know.

Ultimately, Game will pervade every aspect of your life. It will teach you to push your boundaries, create new limits and transcend what you thought was possible. The burden is great and can be tedious, scary and end up with you feeling like shit. Never mind the affronts you’ll face on your path. You are doing what 90% of people are scared of, leaving their comfort zone, and that is an exhilarating feeling.There is a high you get from a pure successful pickup that cannot be imitated by anything else. 

Once you start on the path, you will never look back. 

The Importance of Kino, and the “Touch” Cube routine

Last year, around August, I made the decision to get better at landing girls. I had gotten laid before but it was inconsistent and mostly luck based. I had a buddy who used to bang girls like a champ and I should have spent my time studying him, but he got into a relationship 2 years ago so that was out. Another buddy of mine also wanted to get better so we started going out a lot and trying to figure shit out on our own. Things were going okay, we were learning.

I met a pretty Peruvian girl one night at a club, she was there with her brother for his birthday. We traded numbers. We went on a couple of dinner dates(cringe) and I managed to get her back to my place after a few of those. But I didn’t bang. She didn’t friendzone me per se, but she told me I blew it by moving too slow. I was heartbroken. I truly loved her(or I thought I did). She was an angel, affectionate, smart, cooked, had no attitude, was extremely feminine and very pretty. At this time, I had stumbled over the Tao of Badass by chance through a facebook friend. This was my first contact with the concept of game. I applied some of the concepts on a girl in my class, got a date, had dinner a few times(cringe#2) and lost her without the bang. I was getting frustrated now. I was doing everything society had told me girls liked, and it obviously was scaring them off. I decided to say fuck mainstream advice right then and there.

Somewhere, somehow, I heard about “The Game”. I studied the book religiously. I went to Chapters or Indigo every day to read it. I read it three times. I started approaching the girls in the bookstore. At that moment, I discovered girlschase. Both sources confirmed my observations that most advice you obtain from society for getting girls has the opposite effect.

The Game taught me the Mystery Method, Chase taught me inner game and expanded on female psychology.

The first time I used the Mystery Method in a club, I kissed two girls. Not bad for someone who was used to getting a kiss every 36th of the month!

Though I have evolved a bit my game is still very mystery method like. I had given up most routines but today I still use a few.

When I decided to completely give up canned routines, my results dropped drastically. I still hadn’t fully grasped what I was doing. It was too early to take the training wheels off.

I started slowly reintroducing a routine which I liked the cube. I had a slight variation of the cube where I held the girls hand during it and played with it. Slowly and surely, I noticed a trend. The girls I ran the cube on, I would get the kiss  at least 80% of the time. Most of the ones I didn’t get the kiss, I did not hold their hands. There was no arguing with facts.

This is the primary mistake I and most guys make. They do not touch the girl enough. I don’t know if they are afraid she’ll break, or if they’re scared of touching her and being labeled a creep. If it’s the latter, you need to work on your inner game more.

Physical contact is extremely important. It not only gauges comfort levels, it primes both of you for intimacy. You don’t let anyone touch you just like that. The fact that most men are afraid of touching a girl makes you look even more attractive when you do it. This is the real reason why gimmicks like palm reading work so well to get you laid. Combine extended physical touch with cold reading and suddenly, the girl opens up and you know her better than 90% of her friends. She will rationalize that for her to open up like that to a complete stranger means she must be really attracted to you. She also gets used to you touching her, making your connection feel way more intimate than some random asshole she met at the bar(which is what you are, but I digress). This shit is like attraction dynamite.

This is also why Latin men have a reputation for being suave players. They touch touch touch and touch some more. Here in the West, the standard greeting is a formal handshake. There, it’s two or three kisses on the cheek, followed by a hug. Who would you feel more comfortable with, a girl who shakes your hand like she’s sealing a business deal or a girl who kisses you on the cheeks and hugs you? Who will you remember more vividly and have more tender feelings toward? Rhetorical. Mainly due to that, the average western man’s game is way below the level of the average Latin man. He is not used to physical contact and is scared of being labeled. How does he expect to get laid?

Now, notwithstanding any big blunder on my part, if an interaction that started well fizzles out, I generally see that it was due to lack of sufficient physical contact. Like I said, I have mainly stopped using routines, but I still use the cube when there is no contextual reason to touch her at first. I look back at the girls I lost and the girls I banged and the trend is there.

My fuckbuddy from the end of last month? Met her outside the bar, played with her body, feeling her shapes and reassuring that she’s thin enough, but should start hitting the gym to not lose it. Bang

The cheeky girl from last week friday telling me how skinny I looked when I was outside the bar smoking? I showed her my abs, told her to show me hers, started poking and playing with her slight belly fat and touching her all over. Bang

The french girl I see every Monday night I saw again this Monday? I just talked to her, ran asshole game, and tried to get back to her place. No bang.

The australian girl I met at an after party this Tuesday and talked to from 4 till 6 AM? No bang

The young underage girl from the night bus last weekend? Number close, cube, bang.

The pretty 25yo Christian girl last night who was punching me playfully and with whom I had a great conversation for nearly an hour? Dodged the kiss and disappeared. No bang

The hot lesbian from last night? Played with her beanie hat, played with her hair, played with her hand and examined her ring, our legs touching the whole time starting to rouse my boner? Tried to dodge the kiss half-heartedly, but let herself go and melted in my hands. Bang

If you feel you are having good interactions with girls but little results, try kinoing more. Situational touching is best, but a good palm reading or cube routine or any routine which can create an excuse for you to touch her is just as good. Just don’t sound too rehearsed. Girls love feeling unique. If you sound like a robot, she will know you have done this a million times. I can guarantee you that your previously good interactions will start generating way more results.

Some of you may be curious about the Cube. It is described in the Game, but I will give you a short synopsis and a link to a more complete guide. It is quite a fun routine if you ask me. You get to know a lot about people, get many occasions to neg her and bond. I fully believe I got my first 9 thanks to the cube. I had to blow it by reverting to a beta after kissing her and buying her drinks. Dumbass.

Anyways, for maximum results, you want her to put her hand in yours. You can hold her hand, but there is a subtle psychological power shift when she is the one putting her hand in yours rather than you grabbing her hand. Depending on your vibe, the latter can either come across as needy or alpha. Regardless of your vibe, the former exhibits aloofness and confidence.

Step 1: Tell her to give you her hand

Step 2: Tell her to close her eyes. Some girls will give you shit about this, afraid you will plant a kiss like a pussy. Make it clear it’s a visualization exercise early on. You can ease into this by casually dropping “Hey, you look like you’d be good at visualizing things in your mind. I read in a psychology journal that there is an exercise that will let you know your true inner self. Let’s try it”, or some similarly new age sounding bullshit. I honestly don’t know why they buy into this stuff but they do.

Step 3: Tell her to visualize the sky, desert and horizon.

Step 4: Add a cube. What is it like, size, color, material, floating or on the ground.

Step 5: Add a ladder. What is its position in relationship to cube, how big is it, how many rungs.

Step 6: Add a horse. You know the drill

Step 7: Add flowers. Same as above

Step 8: Visualize a storm. What kind of storm, how far or close, is it behind or is it ahead?

Step 9: Explain what it all means, prompting her to tell you whether you are right on the money or not. If you are not, don’t worry, ask her what she’s actually like then, she’ll be too happy to qualify herself, especially if it’s something negative. It is equally beneficial to have her disagree. You can land in some easy negs with this routine and get girls qualifying themselves to you effortlessly. I like using this on icequeens. A lot. Usually, vague ambiguous statements are the best. Stuff like “You value independence, but you also appreciate relying on others, and sometimes you wish you could rely on others more”, “You have an adventurous personality, but you sometimes waver when faced with risky choices”. It actually makes me laugh that this used to be used in criminal profiling. Using vague, ambiguous statements that could identify almost anyone, and claiming they were right when the culprit was found, even if some of those statements were outrageously false.

This simple routine covers many bases.

Building comfort, trust and spiking attraction: Kinda hard not to trust someone who could have done any amount of horrible things to you while you had your eyes closed. In addition, he now knows the deepest parts of you, the real you, even more than your closest friend, and you’ve only known him 30 minutes. Who the hell is this guy????

Showing value: She will remember you forever. Very few people get to know her on such an intimate level in such a short time

Kino: Uninterrupted touch through the whole thing. She gets used to your touch and gets turned on

Being dominant: You are telling her what to do, like a real man.

Building compliance and getting her investing: She is doing what she is told like the feminine submissive woman she should be.

Screening girls: If she doesn’t want to do it, you are wasting your time with this girl. Move on.

Generally, some talking after this and she’s ready to be kissed.

It can sometimes backfire though, some girls may feel too exposed and too vulnerable. There was this HB9 I was talking to once, the friend of a hot friend, at the end of the routine I knew all of the major events of her life, including the fact that she had been a fatty 2 years ago and had worked relentlessly to obtain the insanely tight body she now had and how she still felt insecure about her body and continuously worked on it. I decided to take it slow since I wanted her as a girlfriend(bad mistake). We met up the next day at a bar, and she told me she felt too vulnerable, too exposed, that she didn’t know anything about me and I knew all about her and that she felt sooo vulnerable when she was near me. I somehow got the bang but didn’t get the relationship I wanted because she said being in my presence reminded her of all her flaws and insecurities and made her feel inadequate. Bummer.

If there are two things I would recommend you to try if you are getting warm receptions but your approaches end up fizzling miserably, it is these. More kino, and/or the “Touch” Cube. Learn more about the meanings of the cube here

PS: I did end up banging my classmate a while later after the exams, after I had improved my game dramatically. She had no chance. I orchestrated it masterfully, using a stripper friend as a pivot. I never answered her texts after that. That’s what happened to the nice guy you helped destroy. Revenge is it’s own reward. People who say it’s petty don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.


Is the Sense of Shame completely dead?

A recent article about a woman who used to be a high class escort was published.

The article is poorly written and is a mere publicity stunt to get people to buy her books.

The woman reportedly refused an Oxford scholarship to publish a book about her memoirs of being a hooker. She talks about having a double life, alternating between a mother and a hooker.

Of course, in today’s PC society, no one will call her out on this. No, no one is gonna point out the obvious of the effect it’s going to have on her kids to have everyone know that their mom sucked the dicks of over a thousand guys, snorted cocaine, was ravaged by a train of black gangbangers and druglords, and had all her orifices filled at once.

No, she proudly parades this like some sort of accomplishment, and I believe people will be all too happy to lap it up without questioning anything.

This really makes me wonder what goes through people’s minds. Have you lost all pride and dignity and shame to record your seediest, most shameful actions in the anals of history?

I pity her daughters. But I guess the future generation of game practitioners will have her to thank for giving them an exemplary slut or two who learned from the best in the industry: mom.

Fat Shaming

There seems to be a recently growing body of radical fat shamers and radical anti-fat shamers.

As with most things, radically leaning towards one side greatly detracts from whatever argument you would like to make.

The radical fat shamers tend to pick out the wrong targets. I was a bit shocked when I heard Kate Upton was called fat. What?

I would say any man who sees this woman and the first thing that comes to his mind is “too fat” rather than “she would rock it. time to neg her and bag her home” or “oh my god, she is so hot. I would buy her anything” for the more beta aligned, is not a man, plain and simple. Contrary to the opinions of the public, men like feminine looking women. Feminine looking women have a proportionate ass, proportionate tits that match their body without going to extremes. Extremely fat is equally repulsive to extremely thin. A lot of men don’t find typical supermodels attractive. They look like teenage boys with nothing on their bones. I went to high school with two chicks who are now models, wouldn’t bang them then, still wouldn’t touch them now. It seems like they have lost even more weight and are now dangerously skinny. The word is anorexic if I recall correctly.

Kate Upton, and Miss America who recently got called fat by media have bodies that are clearly within the average and do not deserve the label.

However, the irony here is you cannot call out actually fat people. Can’t do it. Unless you wanna be facing a lawsuit. It is truly ironic. The same silly media that are calling Kate Upton, Miss America and now Kim Kardashian “fat” are the same ones telling you that you should accept people for their bodies.

Ashley Madison(god bless them), the popular affair service had a hilarious ad 2 years ago.

Here it is :


The grossly morbid woman in the image sent a message with the usual drivel to the Ashley Madison CEO. I don’t know if this was an attempt at sarcasm but even Voltaire cannot approach such levels of satire.

I am a size 32. I am beautiful. I think women of all sizes are beautiful. Beauty is not and has never been one-size-fits-all. I do not appreciate my image being used, without notice or permission, to tell women I have never met otherwise.

As has been widely reported, teens are committing suicide in shocking numbers all over the world as direct result of this sort of shaming ridicule. Be it directed at race, size, sexual orientation or anything, bullying is a vicious force in this world. Contributing to this widespread and creeping depression by suggesting, blatantly and without pretense, that fat people are patently undeserving of love and loyalty is repulsive. It is incumbent upon advertisers, and society at large, to act responsibly before foisting something like this onto the world.

No, women of all sizes are not beautiful. There is a standard. Do not delude yourself. This is the kind of bullshit that is ruining millions of teenagers. They are fed a lie that  people will like them regardless of what they are, then discover the truth, realize their whole life has been a lie and kill themselves. Want to help? Stop perpetuating the lie. Obesity is a DISORDER. I don’t know how this myth started being perpetuated. Fortunately, unlike other mental disorders, it is relatively easy to fix. You start telling your kid that he needs to lose weight, force him to exercise, watch his diet and in a short time, your kid will be healthy. Being obese is a health disorder which leads to increased heart attack rates, depression and a bunch of other stuff. Instead of glorifying fat people by clamping down on whoever says anything about their weight, we should shame them as much as we can into changing for the better. Isn’t that what women have been doing with men, trying to get them to commit and man up?

Look up all the research on feminine beauty, the website where the beauty myths go to die miserably and the hard truth is revealed by science.


In what is an even more hilarious move, the Ashley Madison CEO, Noel Biderman responded the next day:

The best thing that could’ve happened to this woman is that we used her in our ad. Despite what she may want you to think, she is reaping the press for her own pornography website. She took these pictures and signed the release knowing that they were not just for ‘personal use.’ However, if she can get great publicity from this, all the power to her.

They also released this ad the day after


Any human with a shred of honesty, male or female, dead or alive, straight or gay, will tell you that there is no comparison between the two women. It is not a matter of perspective. Beauty is objective for most part. The only time it gets murky is with women of equal beauty, where personal preferences come into play. Merely looking at the first one is enough to give me a raging hard on. My imagination does the rest. Looking at the fat girl makes me cringe. A natural reaction, not one of social conditioning.

Fat is unhealthy. Excessively skinny is unhealthy too. Reproduction is based on perceived health and attractiveness which are associated with good genes. You cannot undermine biology. No amount of “fat is beautiful” campaigns will make even one man in 3.7 billion pick the fat girl if he had a choice of fucking one of the girls in the ad.

This is so widespread that the Commanding Officer of the US army has to give a speech to tell you how it is a national security issue

Intentionally harming your children lands you to jail. When will we be putting people in jail for intentionally increasing their children’s rate of high blood pressure, heart failure, and depression through bad parenting?

Please, let us stop with the feel good policies, start shaming fat people and force people between certain weights to exercise, if not for them, for the good of their children. Just google the effects of overweight pregnancies.

Whenever you shame a fat person, you are actually helping humanity. Assuage your guilt with the knowledge that you are doing this for the greater good of mankind.