I read the George Orwell novel a few months ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the time, I dismissed it as a sci-fi and nothing more.

Until last week. I hit up my regular bar and proceeded to indulge in some liquor consumption. There was another solo guy sitting next to me by the bar so I struck up the conversation. We made small talk and the conversation logically ended up on the topic of girls as is usual with drunk guys. Being the nice guy that I am, I attempted to convert this friendly guy to the ranks of the enlightened by illuminating him with the shine of the red pill. But something weird started happening.

As I spoke, I noticed a growing visible discomfort in his manner and speech. He heard the truth, but refused to listen. At one point of our discussion, he flat out told me “You shouldn’t say things like that out loud man, it’s dangerous”. I was shocked. I asked him why, he told me “I dunno man, you can’t think like that, or at least don’t say it. People will call you a misogynist and a woman hater, and it could have consequences for your future. Be careful”.

At that moment, I thought back to the 1984 and one particular concept : thoughtcrime. I was guilty of thinking things that oppose or question the ruling ideology. For that crime, I could be punished with social shunning, labeling, shaming and who knows what else that would make my life hell. It was a bit disturbing to hear that I couldn’t voice my opinions freely, especially when they were not even that abrasive.

Later that night, a young lady I’m seeing who was supposed to meet me at the bar I was at earlier tracked me down successfully(I still have no clue how she did it) in another neighborhood bar. We went to a club after that with an outdoor heated patio which was pretty packed.

Again, the idea that I couldn’t say certain things out loud in public was echoed by her when I broached topics of obesity, single motherhood and personal responsibility.

At that point, I realized people care very little about the truth. Anything that challenges their beliefs is unacceptable and should be silenced. The truth is usually ugly and hard to face, so I can understand that to some extent. But life is not a fairy tale. You live in the real world, not in a Disney fantasy. The truth will always be the truth regardless of how much you try to shame those who speak it.

Today, I realize that 1984 was not very far from the truth. Thoughtcrime doesn’t have as dire consequences as in the book, but it can still totally ruin your life prospects and dismantle your social circle. This only goes to show, you can only help those who want to be helped. Leave the others to their castles in the air and watch as these castles eventually fade away and reveal that they have been an illusion this whole time.

The guy I was conversing with initially opened a 2 set that came conspicuously close to us to seat themselves while I was smoking outside the bar. I came back and saw that he was struggling, qualifying himself to the “hotter” girl and being a generic AFC. Bleh. I tried to wing him as there was no way he  could handle 2 chicks, but I ended up getting both of them interested in me. It is funny how merely being aloof and using a bit of teasing and innuendo goes a long way in making you look better than 90% of guys. Had he listened to me instead of trying to shut me down for committing thoughtcrime, he would have probably gone home with one of them considering he was relatively attractive.

It’s a shame my young lady friend tracked me down as I had gotten those two chicks to come with me to another bar and fully had plans for my first threesome, plans which were going well from the girls’ reactions and the logistic situation.

But this whole incident raises an interesting question. How far are you willing to go for your beliefs? Are you willing to disregard the societal pressure to spread the word, or will you censor what you express to fit in and wantonly use your knowledge to take advantage of this society that censors you?

Both are equally valid in my eyes. I know I will never stop calling out fat people. Not only is it an affront to my sensibilities and shows a complete lack of self control and dignity, it is also a matter of national security, and a waste of your tax dollars.


Stating The Obvious pt 2

In a recent story, we hear about how a bunch of prison inmates took control over the prison by seducing ALL the female guards. Cries of “How is that possible?” erupt and are heard all over from sexless, friendzoned betas of the world. Hopefully, the continued adulation of inmates by females will give these men some food for thought and a wake up call. Chicks love assholes, in whatsoever form and shape, and are willing to offer on a bling platter their much sought after vaginas to what can only be called the dregs of society, scar their bodies for them, and carry their seed, not once but twice. No pictures were released, but I can deduce from that fact the prison guards were white liberals, and most likely feminists.


Those 13 officers — all female — were charged Tuesday in a federal racketeering indictment, as reported by The Washington Post.

The indictment says that members of the Black Guerilla Family gang had essentially taken over the prison by “controlling many of the [correctional officers] and other employees inside [the Baltimore City Detention Center] and related prison facilities and securing their commitment as associates of the enterprise in order to obtain sex, drugs and other contraband, to maximize freedom and privileges of BGF members and associates, and to gather intelligence in order to thwart contraband interdiction initiatives and other law enforcement efforts against BGF inmates inside BCDC.”

The corrections officers became beholden to the inmates, easily smuggling in contraband “in their underwear, hair, internally, and elsewhere,” according to the indictment.

Corrections officers also carried on sexual relationships with the inmates, which “cemented the business ties and the association of the corrections officers with the enterprise.”

Those encounters sometimes led to pregnancies, with at least four officers impregnated — one of them twice — by the highest ranking gang member in the prison, Tavon White. At least two of those officers had White’s first name tattooed on their bodies.

It is an ugly truth about female sexuality, but it is a truth nonetheless. The uglier the truth, the realer it usually is in my experience. It is time to drop the nice guy acts and focus more on pleasing yourself than pleasing others and worrying about how they are going to see you.

The Young Player’s Guide to Montreal pt 1

It seems there is a lot of conflicting advice out there for the aspiring MTL puas on the best spots to pick up. Well, I’mma break it down, specifically for the younger(read, broke) crowd like  me.

This is the first part in a two part series, we will specifically focus on nightgame spots in this one. The G Manifesto wrote a MTL bar/club datasheet, but I had a few problems with his list. First of all, I don’t know old G is, but he seems like an older dude(mid 20s/early 30s). All the places he recommends are extremely expensive and pricey(Koko/Buonanotte). I have been to almost everywhere on his list and typically, the places he likes are similarly pricey, upscale and attract an older crowd. Good for you if you have lots of cash, but when you’re a broke college student trying to have a good night on a 20-40$ budget, his list is utterly useless.

Anyways, here is the Young Player’s Night Guide for Montreal.

Before you head out

1. If you know you’re going out later in the night, do a few day game approaches. Get in a social vibe early on so you’ve got the first few approaches behind you and are on a roll. Think of it as practice for the real thing later tonight. From that point of view, there is a lot less pressure and you actually work on your day game. If you’re a student, the McGill/Guy-Concordia/Peel metro are hotspots for that. There’s usually a bunch of hot college chicks with their guards down. Approach, get in a quick convo, find out what station they’re getting down at and make sure you number close before they have to get off

2. You’ve gotten a number or two, or maybe none, but you’re feeling good, you know what you did right/wrong in those interactions and won’t repeat the mistakes later tonight. You get home, shower(or not, studies have shown the manly smell of musk and sweat is attractive to females), get dressed up and figure out whether you are heading solo or going with a gang. This is a big point. Going solo forces you to approach whether you want to or not, but doesn’t put you in a very social mood(this is circumvented by doing day approaches) and also guarantees you have no wingman for those 2-3 sets. Going out with a gang puts you in a more social mood, but this can easily lead to a night of fun drinking and interesting conversation making you forget your initial goal and approaching very little. In addition, if your friends are not the approaching type or are socially awkward, there is a good chance they will ruin some of your pickups by being weird.

I typically go alone nowadays, but I know a lot of people so I always run into someone I know later on and circumvent both the downsides of going out alone as well as the downsides of rolling with a group.

3. Once you’ve figured out whether you’re going out alone or with a crew, it’s time to start predrinking. Alcohol in bars and clubs is expensive. A few beers in your system before heading out will typically reduce your expenses by a lot.

Beer at the depanneur = 1.50$

Same beer in a bar = 5$

Get to predrinking. Depending on my budget for the whole night, I either buy a 40 oz of 10% Molson and down it before heading out, or have 2-3 small beers if I have more money to go around.

PS: Disregard this if you don’t drink, but understand that you will have a harder time relating and understanding drunk assholes when you’re sober as a motherfucker, and will probably have a lot less fun. Oh yeah, the bartenders will hate you.

4. Figure out what time you wanna head out. From my experience, when you’re solo, you wanna go before 12, get a prime spot, sip some fine liquor and do a few warm up approaches. When you’re with a group it doesn’t really matter, though if you get there early, there is a chance that you and your buddies will get hammered and unfit to pickup chicks. People in groups tend to drink a lot more.

Picking your venue.

I typically check 2-3 spots per night depending on the neighborhood I’m in. You might wanna stay in the same venue all night and that’s fine, but sometimes going someplace else and coming back can dramatically improve the amount of fine females present, and assuming you did a few approaches in the other spot, your game will be much sharper.

Anyways, here is the Young Player’s Montreal Spots to Hit List

Let’s start off with Saint Laurent, the party strip of Montreal. Good mix of French/English spots here


I don’t know what happened to our friend G here. Maybe his swooping tactics didn’t work, or there weren’t enough “fly” girls but he doesn’t like it. Eh, I understand, younger crowd place.

Korova is for all intent and purposes a dive bar with less sleaziness, and it is wicked. This is hands down my favorite spot in Montreal and I am here 4/7 nights, and I know everyone here. It is a bit hipsterish(what the fuck does this word mean anyways) according to some, but hipster chicks look good. The crowd here is mainly anglophone college students, so if your French is wack, it should be your go to spot.

It has a bar area and a dancefloor for when it gets packed which usually happens after midnight. The staff is super friendly(I have received a lot of free drinks) and there is usually a good amount of young, hot and tight chicks looking to hook up, no strings attached. Status doesn’t really matter here, it’s all about your game.

The drinks are cheap(by bar/club standards anyway) and the cocktails aren’t too bad. They also have some amazing specials. If you come before 11, you can get a tallboy(650ml) of PBR(cue hipster joke) and a shot of Jack for a whopping 5$. Yup, 5$. That’s the equivalent of 2 regular beers(8$) and a shot of 40% liquor(4$) for 5$. Some of my scummier friends by 3 of those, ask the bartenders to keep their beers and have alcohol for the rest of the night for a whopping 15$(20, since my friends tip and are not that scummy). They also have a special for shots where you buy 3 and get one free, so that’s 4 shots of any combination of hard liquor for 12 bucks. Not too shabby. Oh yeah, they also have cider, my guilty alcohol pleasure. There aren’t that many bars/clubs which carry cider, so it’s a nice touch, especially for someone like me who doesn’t really enjoy beer.

The music here is themed by the day. On Mondays they have a hybrid of old hiphop/rnb. Mondays are the best nights by far. During the school year,  they host an event called “Sucka Free” Mondays. The place ALWAYS gets packed and there is usually a line outside by 1 because the place is FULL. Good night for a ONS

Tuesdays have a sort of quiz/trivia night. It’s fun and is a more relaxed vibe. Good to make new friends and pick up under the radar. Not too sure what’s the theme, though I heard this song there once, and it was awesome.

Wednesdays are slow. Dubstep is played if I recall correctly.

Thursday is a good night. Expect the place to be full of hot chicks by 1 AM. If you like dancing, good for you. They play 60s soul/funk music like this: 

Friday is another good night, just like above, you can expect the place to be packed by 1AM. More rap than anything

Saturday is my 2nd favorite night. A hybrid of old hiphop and top 40. Lots of hot chicks looking to get swept off their feet.

Sunday is ehh but what the fuck do you expect on a Sunday night. Though it’s pretty random, one night there was some sort of college film students event and the place was packed. Another night there was a projector with a N64 and Golden Eye hooked up. Fun times.

They charge a 5$ cover on Fridays and Saturdays, but it’s well worth it. Amazing spot.

It’s located on 3908 Saint Laurent Boulevard.



Located right next to Korova. The place is alright. They have free pool, cheap beers and a few hot girls on weekends, though they are usually in mixed sets. They also serve food if you’re hungry. Oh yeah, they have a bathtub/jacuzzi and occasionally there’s a hot bikini waitress on weekends. Hot. It’s more French but everyone speaks English.


Located to the left of Korova, this is a much older crowd place. By older, I’m talking 40s. It’s more of a sausage fest than the two bars next to it. The pool tables aren’t free. It seems like more of a place to go watch the hockey games than anything else. Don’t really feel it


This place attracts more of a 21-27 y/o demographic. The girls are hot and relatively classy, I like this place quite a bit. However, it is more of a status driven place. Nothing tight game can’t change though. More of an anglophone place, the decor and ambience is quite prone to seduction games. Check it out. Best nights are Tue, Thur, Fri and Sat.

3874 Boulevard Saint Laurent


Those in the know joke that Korova is for your college years, Blizzarts for when you actually start making money, and Sparrow for when you’re midway through your career. The 3 bars are owned by the same guy, and the joke accurately reflects the crowd that frequents it, though a few college student stragglers frequent it as well. Like it’s sister bar, it has themed nights where the ambience of the place drastically changes due to the type of music played. The place is quite cozy, with comfortable couches installed in booths and an area for dancing. The decor is nice and the lights give it a seductive vibe when it’s not too packed. Staff is nice, drinks are a bit more expensive than Korova and they also lack their specials, but they also serve cider, big plus for them. Still, a nice spot for a date on weekdays, and a pretty good pickup spot on weekends, though they charge a 5$ cover.

Wednesdays has a reggae/dancehall night which is pretty cool if that’s your music. Thursday is more sceney with the DJs promoting up and coming artists. Fridays has GOOD hiphop and rap, and tons of tight chicks. Gooood day for picking up. Saturday is more of a 60s soul, rock n roll though they do play some crowd pleasers. Never been on Sunday. The French and English crowd here mix harmoniously like the Yin and the Yang

3956A Boulevard Saint Laurent

Blue Dog Motel

I have a love hate relationship with this place. There is something about the layout of the bar which rubs me the wrong way. On nights where it is packed, navigating from the dancefloor area to the lounge part is tedious as it’s narrow as fuck. The lounge area though is extremely comfortable, and very useful for isolating. I like places with a separate, comfy area for isolating a girl you picked up on the dancefloor or around there.

The drinks are relatively cheap, they have some decent specials like the 4 vodka shots for 10$, or a tall can of PBR + whisky shot for 8$. The female bartender makes a mean Amaretto sour, nothing can touch it.

This place attracts a similar crowd as Korova, mainly college students though there are a few young twentysomethings around. As usual with college girls, expect tight, hot young easy sluts. Great spot for picking up to be honest, especially if you dance. There is never any cover so no need to worry about that. Saturday nights here are insane with the club often reaching max capacity. It’s pretty easy to score drugs here as well if that’s what you’re into. Just ask any seedy looking person if they know where you can find X drug. It’s also more of an anglophone crowd. Best nights are Thur/Fri/Sat, they usually play hiphop, top 40, trap music.

blue dog

3958 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Le Belmont

This place is overly hyped. Drinks are overpriced, girls are pretty hot but act like the second coming of Christ and most of the guys are assholes. If your French is not on point, good fucking luck. Negs work wonders here(actually one of the few bars I use  harsh negs) In addition, the covers are a bit more pricey. Bleh. The good thing about this place is that it has two floors. The second floor is insanely good for isolating and creating an “our world” bubble. You usually get a younger crowd of francophone college students and cegepers with a few outliers.

Best days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sat. The Wednesdays are insanely popular despite(or because of? I dunno) the screeching, blaring dubstep that assaults your poor ears. If that’s your thing, you know where to go.

4483 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal,

Tokyo Bar

Literally the only thing G got right. This place is whack. I met one of the owners once and he told me what I already suspected, this is usually a spot for golddiggers and girls who just wanna tease. Thursdays are less pretentious because a few hot college students roll up and level the playing field, but the other days suck. They also charge an outrageous cover, 10$ or something. Drinks are expensive too. It is also the only good spot on Sundays, which is why my Sunday night is spent at home. The dancefloor area is too big. They ONLY play hiphop and rap, all day every day. Music is also too loud, making it hard to chat chicks up. However, they have a heated outdoor patio where you meet some cool people and can actually have a conversation and light a cig without leaving the building.

Too pretentious for me, but I will give it a few more shots as I have had some fun nights here. Good nights: Thursday/Fri/Sat/Sun

3709 Boulevard Saint Laurent

Big In Japan Bar

This is hands down the BEST BAR to go on a date at. Not so much for picking up, but if you wanna impress your date in a “yeah, I know, I’m cool like date” casual way, this place will do it. I guarantee this place will get her vagina dripping and craving your throbbing cock. It is a bit expensive but their drinks are STRONG. They have some interesting and very tasty cocktails. They have japanese whisky bottles hanging around. Apparently you can buy one, and if you don’t finish it, they keep it for you and put your name on it. Pretty classy to roll in and the staff pulls out a bottle with your name. I usually get a bourbon lemonade. The layout of the place is swanky as fuck, and the ambience is amazing. The waitresses are dressed in a classy uniform and are pretty cute. Not really a pick up spot, but an amazing date spot. Thur/Fri/Sat are really busy and you might have to wait a while to get a seat if you come late, so come here on a weekday or Sunday.

4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal, QC H2W 1Y9


The one place I’ve never been. Heard bad things, and there’s always a huge line, so I’m not really interested in finding out what I’m missing out on

The next good street is Saint Denis. It’s a lot more French than it’s sister, Saint Laurent.

Roquette Bar

Good spot. Unpretentious, young french crowd. Girls here are a bit lower quality but they are down as fuck. You better speak french if you come here. Lots of chicks though. Fri/Sat are best nights

4479 Rue Saint-Denis

El Zaz Bar

Ok place for a chill gathering. Don’t expect much in terms of a pickup, though this is the first  place I ever got my first night stand with a cute quebec chick, a year and a half ago. Music is generally pretty good, crowd is random as fuck. Sometimes there’s groups of cute, tight young chicks, others you get 30-40 people. They also serve cider, which is a plus. Nice patio too, I imagine that it will be a lot better in the summer.

4297 Rue Saint-Denis

La Shop

La Shop has a great premise. 2$ dollar drinks. Mixed drinks, shots or beer, everything is at 2 dollars and not watered down. This place is extremely unpretentious and attracts a bit of a younger(I met a few 17y/os here), trashier crowd. It’s a fun spot but there aren’t usually a lot of people when I show up, maybe they come later? Great spot to get hammered at if you want to save money. I have no issues with this sort of place. Though they charge 2$ cover, but really, who gives a fuck when you’re getting 2 dollar drinks. It is generally a lot more bumping in the summer, so I will be going here more often as it warms up. Mostly french crowd again.

4177 Rue St-Denis


One of the most popular spots in Montreal. This is majoritarily French. They have 3 bars, the main one, the outdoor one on the heated patio, and the underground one which is not open all the time. Each bar has a very distinct atmosphere. The outdoor one is a bit classier and is my favorite. You can also smoke here. The underground one is more of a nightclub with a dance floor and plenty of hiphop music playing when it’s open. The ambience is very sexy and very opportune for picking up.

The crowd is very diverse, ranging from 18-30 ish. This place is PACKED on Saturdays. The line extends all the way to the next street, which is ridiculous in and of itself. Lots of quality quebecois girls here, every day of the week. Fridays and Saturdays(by a wiiiide margiin) are the busiest nights here.

403 Rue Ontario East

Salon Officiel

This is a nice spot. Big dancefloor area, good crowd, hot bartenders and waitresses, and a big loungey area with comfortable seats. Also a decent place to score some drugs, though you’ll have to be a bit sneaky about it since the cops often come around here. Lots of cool black people here(when I say lots, it’s comparative. Merely more than other places), and a decent mix of anglo/french crowd. The best nights are Wednesdays, where they have an event called ASAP Rocky Wednesdays, where they play good modern hip hop, as well as more classic tunes. Place gets full real fast, and the girls are pretty  hot, but a bit pretentious. I love this place. Thursdays, Fri and Sats are awesome too, but nothing comes close to the Wednesday parties.

351 Rue Roy


There are few noteworthy places downtown. I have given up on it unfortunately. The clubs are usually expensive and full of douchey guys and girls. The pubs are fun though for a night out with friends or just for a quick drink. Just head to Crescent street and look around. Hurley’s has some nice cider but attracts a bit of an older crowd. McKibbins, Madhatter, Cock n Bull is pretty much standard  pubfare. The Sir Winston Churchill Complex higher on Crescent is a more upper scale place. We had our Dominos staff party there, on the 3rd Floor at a swanky place called Karina Club where all the Dominos employees were invited. I remember making out with a married chick and getting slapped by her friend. I’m not the married one, WHAT THE FUCK?

Anyways, now that you know where to go and where not to go, you need a PROCESS. The main reason for the mystery method’s success is that it provides a process, telling you exactly what to do. It’s a bit hard to know which stage you’re in but still, it’s very explicit. Similarly, here is my process broken down step by step.

The Process

1. Do some day approaches earlier.

2. Predrink and watch softcore porn to get turned on

3. Pick my venue

4. Get there early, pick a prime spot where I can open lots of chicks with minimal effort(like sitting at the bar)

5. Build some social proof by chatting bartenders/bouncers

6. Get some warm up approaches under my belt while sipping fine ciders. Open however you want. “Hey” or “Looking good missy” seems to do it for me. Establish her as the pursuer early on by misconstruing everything she says as a sexual come on.

6.5. Occasional venue change/smoke break

7. Screen for compliance and investment quickly and never waste time with a girl(If she’s not sitting down with me after 5 minutes, I eject. Lots of chicks like wasting your time, getting investment is the only way you know if they actually like you or not). Ideally, you wanna get her number here.

8. Once compliance and investment established, run the cube while holding her hand and running my finger across it. You gotta kino or you will NEVER, EVER score. Don’t be afraid of kino.

9. Find out more about her after cube routine. Generally she will completely open up at this point. Doesn’t matter if your cold reading was off, if you ask her the right questions, she will open up.

9.5. Occasional venue change or smoke break

10. Keep escalating your kino with push pull. Be flirty and smooth, but not overtly so. Keep her guessing. Think James Bond.

11. If you see that she’s comfortable and responding well to your kino, stop talking and stare her straight in the eyes without saying anything for like 4 seconds. Hold her head with one hand(your thumb should be on her cheek) and go for a kiss very slowly. If she doesn’t pull back, keep going until you’re almost there then stop. Whisper “not here” in her ear and leave the club with her.

12. Keep talking about random stuff as you head to yours or hers. Keep her comfortable, and don’t act too happy or different now that you know  you are getting laid. Nothing will dry her pussy up faster than a man who changes just because he knows he has a chance at getting some ass. Control that inner beta in you.

13. Keep some condoms around.

14. Kiss her within 3-10 minutes of entering her place or yours

15. Act like you are gonna rawdog her. If she doesn’t object, she’s a slut, fuck and dump her. If she asks for a condom,  good, she might be worth it. If she takes out a condom, make sure you look at the box of condoms later to determine whether you wanna pursue a relationship with her.

16. Decide whether you wanna turn her into a relationship/add her to your rotation or whether it was a one night thing. If it’s a one night thing, do the walk of shame early in the morning if you’re at hers, or tell her you have to be up early tomorrow for work if you’re at yours(I don’t recommend the latter, she will feel used and I won’t be surprised if you get accused of rape).

17. If you wanna turn her into a relationship, fuck her good and hard, don’t be a greedy lover. The odds are you won’t make her cum the first time, so at least give her massive foreplay, fuck her aggressively and dominantly, talk dirty, play with her twat and kiss her all over her body. Give her a foot massage too, they love that shit. Fuck her as much as you can, and fuck her in the morning again to reassure her that it wasn’t a mistake. Then go out and get some breakfast/lunch together, and fuck her some more after that if you can handle it. I guarantee you the girl will be all over you, especially if you fucked her good. Even if you didn’t, just little gestures like massaging her feet, not rushing, talking dirty and fucking her dominantly will but you in the top percentile of guys she’s fucked.

Congrats, you’re now in a relationship if you want it, or in a fuck buddy arrangement.

Stay tuned for part 2, day Game.

PS: I left out a few clubs, and there are some places I haven’t visited. This is not meant to be exhaustive, but as a guide for a young person with a limited income to the good spots of the Montreal night scene.

Leave any recommendations in comments

It’s good to be male!

I’ve been increasingly connecting with my inner male recently, and I gotta say, being a guy is pretty fucking awesome. Sure, you are expendable, widely dominated by your impulses and automatically viewed as a rapist in today’s society, but those are minor hardships. These are literally the only real hardships a man faces in today’s society. All the other perceived ones are a result of your actions, or lack thereof.

Especially when it comes to the dating game. Guys have it a lot easier honestly. First of all, we get to PICK the females we will grace with our attention. Which means a lot of females are excluded by default from male attention. In addition, in NA the competition is pretty low. Learning game and applying it religiously for a year puts you in the top 10 percentile of guys. Looks also have much less of an impact, and can be drastically improved anyways by working out, changing your fashion style and getting a new haircut. Don’t matter if you’re an ugly dude. if your biceps are ripping your shirt, you got some nice clothes and are spitting tight game, you will be slaying way more than more attractive dudes with weak game. Oh yeah, the more girls you fuck, the more attractive you become for some reason and the more chicks try to lock you down. Oh and as you get older, you start making more money, your game gets tighter and have an even easier time bagging the young hotties with daddy issues(which is a lot since in some states, 50% of mothers are single). Essentially, your dating pool widens and deepens with age.

Contrast that with females. They gotta wait for someone to approach them. For some, this will never happen except at closing time in dingy dive bars. Sad. Your competition is intense for the alpha males unless you are in the top 10 percentile of female beauty, which is something totally random. So yeah, blame your genes for a lifetime of loneliness and having to “settle”. There is not much you can do about it, except losing some pounds here and there and making your body tighter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t compare much to natural beauty. Oh yeah, you got between 17 and 34 to ideally lockdown an alpha male. You’re gonna hit the wall, and your dating pool will narrow down with age.

Accepting that we are not equal helps understand why concepts such as affirmative action and feminism are desperately trying to steal resources from men. Having all these inherent advantages, it is no surprise that the other side tries to even the playing field through legal and social means. Fortunately, homeostasis is a bitch, and our society is no more immune to it than are our bodies. The crumble of the femcentric western culture is imminent.

Stating the obvious..

While almost every girl is open to a same day/night lay if your game is on point, you still have to worry about notch counts.

I believe notch count is directly proportional to a girl’s relationship value. The lower it is, the higher her relationship value is. Obviously, you will never get an honest answer from a female on her true notch count under normal circumstances. They understand that men don’t want to invest their precious time and resources in a vagina that has been ravaged by  a Spartan Army, so they will either deflect or avoid the question, and in the rare case that they do tell you a number, add between 3-15 to it depending on how trustworthy the girl is.

Any female with a notch count above 20 is worth a pump and dump, or being kept in your harem of rotating cum dumpsters.

Any female with a notch count below 3 deserves a relationship, barring irreconciliable traits such as obesity, laziness, slobbiness, entitlement, and worse of all, being a feminist activist. *Looks not mentionned because it is assumed we all realize that there is no way we will even consider being with an ugly girl, even if she’s an angel*

Facebook and Ego Stroking

A few months ago, I was making good headway with this HB8. We hung out at the same spots so we met quite a few times. I slayed 2 of her less attractive friends and I noticed her flirting was increasingly aggressive.We met up at her house one quaint Sunday evening, watched a movie, cuddled, kissed, had oral sex but she did not, would not let me penetrate her, saying she felt it was too fast. I reminded her she had just sucked my dick, but female logic has its own brand of logic. I made no progress breaking her LMR so at one point I was just like alright, whatever and we smoked a blunt. Through an unfortunate turn of events, we got on facebook and she added me. Her behavior suddenly changed after that, and the next time we met up, she cooked me lunch. She then proceeded to LJBF me. I was surprised but I didn’t fret it. I imagined that my refusal to eat anymore of her mystery soup which tasted like crap had made her bitter.

This month, I went MIA for exams by not paying my phone bill. My only option for day 2s then was adding girls on Facebook. I noticed something. On about 30 successful approaches which ended up in a FB close. I’m used to flakes and girls being very receptive when you met them and then turning cold and not responding to texts. But the rate at which this happens with FB closes is ridiculous. Out of those 30, only 2 responded. These two were girls I banged on the same day as I approached. One is a chubby HB 6.5, the other is a regular 7 with bigger than average tits.

I started reflecting on my past approaches where I took girls’ facebooks. There was this french HB8 who stopped replying to my texts after she added me on FB, the russian chick who gave me a ton of IOIs when I approached, texted flirtatiously then went cold after I added her on FB, and a bunch of similar cases. Hmm I see a trend here.

The only big difference between the two girls I banged and the others(besides the fact that I didn’t bang them) was the amount of friends they had, which was directly proportional to the   amount of ego stroking they received on a constant basis.

The other girls had essentially turned into facebook attention whores. I don’t believe they’re inherently bad people or attention whores in the normal sense of the term. Some of them are really sweet and humble in person. It’s just, knowing that you can post anything and have hordes of beta admirers and mutual ego stroking female friends and get 50 elikes in under 5 minutes is an addicting power. The result is females who not only overvalue themselves, but automatically slot any males who add them on Facebook without as much facebook fans as part of the beta admirers.  

There have actually been researches done on Facebook and narcissism so I might be on to something.

In my experience, the less friends a girl had on FB, the more she would be relationship material. The two girls I successfully wooed on the same night are part of a pretty small sample of chicks(10 give or take) I might consider having a relationship, They all have fewer than 400-500 FB friends, have a pleasant disposition, are not entitled bitches, have a bit of a grasp of red pill concepts and agree with quite a bit of them, have a relatively low notch count, are typically feminine and want to please their man(in this sample, me). Small things like cooking, coming over unannounced with a bottle of my favorite wine, happily sucking your dick and swallowing with a smile on their face, etc. really makes a man feel appreciated and increases the likelihood of him committing to them.

All this to say, adding a girl on FB who has a lot of male admirers is bad form unless you have screwed her before(even then, it’s bad form. Remember the your world/our world routine)

In addition, when screening for a girlfriend, you can typically identify her level of narcissism and who the relationsip is going to be all about by her number of facebook friends, number of pictures and status whoring posts

Dating in North America

I think the biggest testament of the damage caused by feminism is the state of the dating scene in North America.

Illusions of grandeur, entitlement, sexual liberation and state promoted promiscuity has left many men and women bitter. The only winners here are the players, alpha males and assholes who get more than their fill of desirable pussy due to being the rare, desirable males left. The feminists have altered understanding of gender roles and biological imperatives to an unhealthy level. Modern advice on how to treat women is like taking a course on how to dry her vagina up. It ensures that you don’t get laid while transferring a maximum amount of your valuable resources to her(time, money).

Another problem is attractiveness. 50% of americans are overweight. Half the women are fat, declining birth rates and increasing divorce rates means there is a lot more of an older population(which is bad for young men as they face increased competition for a dwindling amount of young pussy in the form of older, more experienced men with more resources than them. Anyone with an understanding of scarcity and demand will see how this is hurting the dating scene. Guys get more desperate, start hitting on lower value women who start believing that they are worth more than they are. An 8 in a club full of 10s will inherently perceive herself as lower value. She is outcompeted and will have to settle for a lower value man. A 6 in a club full of 3s will feel like hot shit. And that is how the dating scene is right now in America. Full of oversized, entitled whales, old ladies who have been fooled in believing they still “got it” and denying the wall by perpetuating the myth of cougarhood. The young pretty girls feel way higher value than they are, and believe they can sleep around with the alphas and still find a nice beta to take care of them when they grow older. Then they let themselves go because they have been brainwashed into thinking beauty is subjective and believe that even while being a a fat whale, they will find a man who truly loves them for them. No, you will find a desperate man who had no other choice.

But men are getting smarter. They are looking at other avenues. Greener pastures. And the women are getting pissed. They can’t compete with these foreign young hotties who are still uncorrupted by american feminist values.

Videos like these tell you that men are done buying up this feminist bullshit. Inside, we all want to settle down with a pretty feminine woman with a low notch count. Men have reached the point where they are fed up enough with the whales, feminists and golddiggers to completely disregard societal pressure and brave social shunning to get a real woman. When men reach that point where even betas don’t give a shit about what their friends, neighbors and even their children think, you can be sure that the societal order is going to the dogs.

If only society would desist from this feel-good campaign of politically correctness where everyone is advertised as being a beautiful, unique snowflake and that you are perfect how you are, things would be different. Fat-shaming and slut-shaming should be part the norm for a healthy society. It is your right to sleep around. It is my right to consider you a slut for doing so. It’s your right to stuff yourself with cinnabuns and make no effort to change. Just like it’s my right to call you obese, and my biological imperative to feel revulsed looking at you.

It is only  a matter of time before Canada follows suit. In fact, according to some sources, Toronto is headed in the same direction as the U.S. Good thing I live in Montreal.

I am curiously awaiting the denouement of all this. In the meantime, I will revel in the advantages conferred to me by the redpill in the form of sexual satiety.