Media and your Psyche

I  had an interesting discussion the other day with one of my roommates(it was slightly one-sided, I must admit). He’s a natural, but he still doesn’t understand the concept of unplugging. He does not see the atrocities the feminist imperative has committed on a whole generation since he lived most of his life in Central America. However, he’s a fun guy to talk to about game and gaming women in general.

I was working on an essay the other day and had music playing in the background. I haven’t really updated my playlists in a while and I still have a lot of songs from my beta/loverboy days(ugh, just thinking about how I chased this chick who had a boyfriend in another country for 9 months while she would go and get shagged every 3 months while I was the emotional crutch literally makes me want to puke my guts out, but I digress). My roommate had seen my efforts at becoming a real man throughout the year(increase in red meat, working out, picking up, having sex) and he was deeply contemplative for the duration of a Sheryl Crowe song called the First Love is the Deepest. I didn’t really pay attention to it, I was too focused in my homework to notice what exactly was playing.

At the end of the song my roommate just told me “That is a pussy song. Pussies listen to pussy songs. Real men listen to manly songs” and he went to make himself some chilli. I had quit mainstream tv shows and movies which had even the slightest signs of trying to put males in a weaker position(40 Year old virgin, She’s outta my league) but I hadn’t really realized that certain of my music was still hammering some of those messages and stunting my growth.

I stopped what I was doing and cleaned my library with the quickness. I didn’t delete all songs by females,  that would be stupid. I deleted all songs which had a message I did not like, including songs by male singers talking about making her his everything and similar BS. I do not need to hear that shit.

The more I filtered what I listened to and watched, the more I was reinforcing who I was becoming. Watching movies and TV shows with male characters exhibiting alpha traits(GoodFellas, Heat, Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Deadwood, Good, bad and ugly, Justified,) tends not only to give me more reference points but actually makes me feel reinforced in my budding identity. Fight Club in particular is a movie any aspiring PUA should watch. It is literally about the transformation from Beta to Alpha of the main character.

Music has a similar effect. I have been feeling a lot more manly, pumped up and hyped up listening to early 2000 Eminem, 50, Dre, G-Unit, Pac, Biggie, Scarface and some rock and metal bands than I was listening to Sheryl Crowe or Natasha Bedingfield.

Everything you ingest will influence you on a subconscious level, so be careful to what you listen to and watch. Avoid getting negatively influenced by screening harshly what you watch and listen.

I am not saying to be fake and start liking a bunch of shit you really don’t, just try to avoid stuff that will try to hammer the feminist imperative in your head.