America’s Unhealthy Obsession with Psycopaths

I have been watching a lot of tv shows recently. I have been watching shows from very diverse regions. Spanish, English, American, French,Nigerian, etc etc.

While there is a tendency to feature characters who are flawed in some way and bigger than life, I noticed that the most popular american shows not only featured many more characters displaying psychopathic traits than those of other cultures, but that these characters were often the main characters of the show.

House of Cards, Breaking Bad, The Americans, Shameless, Hannibal. What do these shows have in common? Their main characters are all criminally insane, dangerous, and loved by the American public. Little effort is made to hide their inherent villainy. They do not break the law or transgress moral boundaries for good reason. Their reasons are inherently selfish. Nowhere is this more apparent than the acclaimed House of Cards series. The idea that you have to do anything you can to get to the top seems to be an accepted facet of American culture.

These shows are all very entertaining, but it frightens me that their main characters are glorified. I would understand if these characters were polarizing and made people think, but the approval they garner for exhibiting traits similar to known and convicted felons makes me scared for the cultural upbringing of the next generation.

I shudder to see a world where Claire Underwood becomes a model of female success.

I guess this is nothing new. It seems to me that in the past however, the directors of tv shows were less blatant in their glorification of murderers and had them eventually get their just desserts. Not anymore. They get away with murder(literally) and proceed to become even more powerful.

Yes it is only TV, but what you watch, what you relate to and what you approve or disapprove of tells a lot about who you are as a person.


Another reason to avoid sluts(for anything other than a hookup)

In the book Premarital Sex in America, an interesting study to game aware and redpill men shows up. This is nothing new for the semi experienced player/player in making, but there is something gratifying about scientific evidence confirming what real life experience has taught us.

Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker report that having more sexual partners is associated with “poorer emotional states in women, but not in men.” The more sexual partners a woman has in her lifetime, the more likely she is to be depressed, to cry almost every day, and to report relatively low satisfaction with her life as a whole.


In short, sluts are damaged emotionally and mentally. They know this, and instinctively, I’m sure they know that we know it as well. Which is why a woman will lie about her partner count to improve her value in our eyes.

In the end it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy, with a slut sleeping around to get the emotional validation she needs, only to feel even worse about herself and drown her sorrows in a tub of ice cream, a bottle of cheap wine and a cock from the bar. The process repeats itself ad infinitum until she can trap a poor sap, blessed be his soul.

As such, it is key for a man to be able to gauge a woman’s “slut” rating. Learn all the tells and you will be fine.

Next time you hear a woman complaining about slut-shaming, just smirk and know that she is trying to censor a topic which hurts home. Make sure you don’t get involved with her as i am willing to bet that she is just that.

How should you treat the temple of God?

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

How would you treat the temple of God? Or even if you’re not religious, how would you treat a temple that has been offered to you by an authority figure to take care of? Would you let it decay and rust? Would you let it stagnate? Would you be discriminating in allowing people inside? Would you let trash inside and watch it pollute your temple? Or would you be more discerning in who you allowed in your temple?

Unless you are an irresponsible person, you would be very careful on who you let inside. You would try to keep the temple as clean as possible, as well preserved as possible. In fact, if you’re an entreprising person, you would try to improve the temple you received. Only leeches decrease the value of what they’re given. Preserving the value is good too, but increasing the value of what you’re given is what people with plans of making it in the world do.

That temple is your body. How do you treat the temple you were given?

If you’re like most people, your temple is probably in shit condition from letting a lot of trash in and never cleaning it up. You probably don’t even care that it’s in shit condition. That’s because you’re a piece of shit who doesn’t realize the gift you have been granted. Your temple could be magnificent. Your temple could be so beautiful that people with similarly beautiful temples would love to visit it. Your temple could be an offering of honor and praise to the lord. Yet you stay mired in decadence and mediocrity. What does that say about you?

From a christian point of view, the offense is even more egregious. You soil the temple of the lord and yet still call upon Him for help when things go awry. How conceited are you? You don’t hold up your end of the bargain and still expect Him to hold up his end? Why? Because you are special? Lol.

Treat your body with respect and love, cherish it and watch how it becomes a temple the Lord is glad to reside within rather than an unsightly temple of slothiness and gluttony.

What does this mean concretely?

Eat healthy, don’t do drugs, exercise. These are the key staples to building a splendid temple that will honor the Lord and bring great pride to yourself. Simple yet terribly effective.

Start treating your temple how it ought to be treated today, and watch the quality of your life rise gradually.

Net effects of weightlifting on female attraction

Frankly, it’s hard to believe how such a little change can dramatically improve women’s reaction to you.

I started lifting seriously in August when I went to Africa for a little break. I think I gained about 25 pounds(140-165). This isn’t anything special as my end goal is around 200-225.


Yet the moment I was thrown in the wild again, the effects were clearly visible. At the airport, a lot of girls ranging from blehh to cute were checking me out. This never happened before to such an extent.

At the same airport, a pretty half black/russian chick sits next to me and opens me. We were going the same destnation, she gave me her number upon landing(I didn’t ask for it). Considering I’m rusty as hell from 3 months of no active game, there can only be one reason for this.

At landing in Montreal, I had some problems with my papers. The immigration officers are usually bitchy cunts. Note that. I had one who was a lesbian or a gender activist(you know the type, with that short guy haircut). Now either she was genuinely an extremely nice person or she had ulterior motives. She really helped me out, and when she couldn’t do anything, passed me on to the competent people and put in a good word for me since the problem with my papers was on their end. The next person in  the chain of command was another female.

Now like I say, it must either have been a particularly cheerful day because these immigration officers were very nice, cracking jokes and actually recognizing that their guys had messed up on my visa applications. It might be hard to understand this if you yourself are from the West and generally don’t have to get visas, but these people are usually the most obnoxious and annoying cunts(both male and female) you ever deal with.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t help me out but she sent me up the chain of command and put in a good word too. I was supposed to pay 275$ for a study permit but because they had messed up, he waived the fees. I am pretty sure the good word the other employees put in contributed to that.

Am I saying those immigration officers wanted to fuck my brains out? Possibly, but that’s not the point. Better looking people not only attract more potential partners but get treated better. Both by males and females. A way to be better looking is to get in shape.

But continuing on. Today, I’m in the metro. Some girls are checking me out stealthily. One of them took it to a whole other level. I’m sitting there, on my way back from the gym and she’s seated on the same bench with like a foot between us. She keeps looking at me, adjusting her hair, smiling, looking at me, adjusting her hair, smiling. This goes on for about 30 seconds before she realizes I’m NOT receptive.

And this is me, a baby lifter at 165. Imagine when I’m ripped at 6’2 210 pounds!

All this to illustrate that yes, looks definitely affect girls’ initial attraction for you, more than you’d like to believe in fact. In some cases, you can coast on just that and bang.

Work on both  your passive game and your active game and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with women.



Why Nightclubs suck

Nightclubs are one of the most insidious places to meet women. Most of the girls are out not to find someone, but to get their egos caressed and stroked. They are there for the validation of getting hit on by a ton of desperate and horny guys and receiving free shit in the form of drinks and drugs.

The only people who get laid in a consistent manner at nightclubs are the people working there, officially or unofficially. The manager, the DJs, the bouncer, the promoter, the dealers, the bartenders, these are the guys with social status. These are the guys the women who are willing to fornicate are going to go for. Not you. Sorry, your game might be immaculate, but that is just not why they’re there.

The real reason nightclubs actually suck is because of the conflict of interests. Most guys assume that girls are there for the same reasons as them, i.e, to pair up and find a partner. That is the goal of a small subset of the girls going there. The rest are going to get their egos stroked and are “open to the possibility of meeting someone”, someone being a cross between 50 Cent, Bill Gates and Ryan Gosling.

Unless you have some sort of status at the clubs you attend, you are wasting your time. You might get lucky once or twice, but it is in no way consistent. We are talking about closing the deal here, not kissing/getting a number/grinding or whatever other bullshit measure of success you guys use. Most girls in clubs are time wasters and won’t put out unless your social proof is off the charts.

Even worse is places where cover for girls is cheaper or non existent.

Never, never, NEVER go to a nightclub and never pay a cover (ie, never go to a place where they want to charge men for access to women….because that access is a deception).

Stick to dive bars and pubs where women are out for the purpose of socializing with men and are looking to get fucked.

Passive vs Active Game

The ingestion of the red pill is difficult. It has been almost a year and I am still digesting it. Fortunately, I have come to terms with some of its harsh truths which I couldn’t reconcile myself with a while back, even though I considered myself “red pil”.

One of the biggest arguments between game denialists and the pro-game camp is about active game vs passive game. Active game being stuff like routines, openers, DHV, etc. Passive game being stuff like working out, making money, becoming more travelled and learned, being aesthetic, being tall etc.

The game denialists will swear that only passive game matters. They believe that you would have gotten the girl either way because of your innate natural advantages. The pro-gamers want to believe that only active game matters and that passive game is unnecessary.

Paradoxically, both are right. You can get notches with either style of game as long as you are not a complete fuckwit. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum so this is coming from experience.

Yet, both are wrong as well. Game denialists want to believe game does not work. This is false. Game doesn’t ALWAYS work. This is a crucial distinction to make. Some girls just aren’t into you and no amount of spitting game is going to change that. That’s a fact. However, some girls are on the fence and your game is ultimately what helps them reach a decision. Creepy guy who hit on me, boring friendzone guy, stud I want to fuck my brains out, or classy guy I want to be in a relationship with. Your active game will ultimately decide in which category you end up when a girl is on the fence.

But for the girl to even be on the fence in the first place, your passive game is what is going to matter. The way a girl would react  to you when you’ve been hitting the weights, are well groomed and well dressed, have your own place and your own car as compared to your skinny fat self with poor grooming and terrible clothing, living with your parents and using public transit is night and day. Sure, some girls will be open to both, but the majority of the attractive(and constantly dwindling with the whales gaining ground) female population will react more favorably to the first version of you

Therefore, this is not an either/or thing. For maximum results, you need the best of both worlds. Solid, tight active game which can be acquired by perusing the Chateau archives, reading up material and approaching. Solid, tight passive game which can be acquired by working out, dressing better, grooming yourself, making money and becoming more worldly.

Some will say that they don’t want a shallow girl and want a girl who can like them for who they are. Sure that is your right. What you don’t realize is that by becoming the best you can be, the pool of girls who will like you for what you are will increase exponentially.

If you are still blaming girls for being superficial, you are still mired in the blue pill reality. The truth is that everyone is out to get the best for THEM. That is why you are attracted to buxom girls with hourglass figures and pretty faces. It is not superficial to obey your natural imperative. Therefore it is not superficial for women to seek hot, fit guys with money. It is a natural imperative.

The redpill is scary at first because it shatters all your preciously held illusions about reality. But when you embrace it fully and adapt your life to its reality, you will realize that every aspect of your life will improve tenfold.

Learn active game, work on your passive game for maximum happiness and success

Harnesing your sex drive

Western society has all but succeeded in shaming men for their natural sex drive.

With ideas like rape culture being spread around and blatantly false statistics on rape being proclaimed as the truth, you would think men are animals that fuck anything that moves.

In fact, you probably think that. This is what you have been socially conditioned to believe. You have been conditioned to believe that the male sex drive is destructive. It is animalistic, primitive, uncontrollable, violent, and worst of all, dangerous.

Well, forget about that bullshit. Your sex drive is ultimately at the core of most of the things you do. There is a reason why “herbs” and “hikkikomoris” and “NEETS” contribute nothing to society. They have no sex drive, and if they do, it is wasted on blow up dolls, hentai or porn.

Biologically, we are programmed to spread our genes. This is the driving behaviour behind much of our actions, consciously or subconsciously.

Tricking your sex drive to believe it is satisfied through the use of porn or masturbation will have the net effect of turning you into a lazier person than you could be. Instead of picking the easy way out, you should restrain yourself, let your sexual energy build and use it to fuel your endeavors, whether it is in the gym, in your interactions with women or with business partners.

A noticeable trait of harnessing your sex drive is that you become more aggressive. Here is another word that has been mutilated and turned into a demeaning term by the femiminzed society we live in. There is nothing wrong with aggressivity. It is the go getter attitude. You go for what you want and keep pushing for it, until you get it. Not settling for 2nd place is being aggressive. Not taking a no is aggressive. Being a winner is aggressive. Making the decisions that control your life is aggressive. Not being afraid of taking risks is aggressive.

I have been making all sorts of gains in my life, physically, mentally, materially and socially ever since I started harnessing my sex drive and making zero excuses for basically being and feeling like a man.

Harness your sex drive and stop wasting it. You will realize how much more you can accomplish and how much faster.